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Force Sight, I can't get it.

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From 2 times ending the game, I can't let Visas teach me her Force sight. No matter how I speak.


How can I get this force? :thumbsup:

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You can get the power through her personal dialog, just be nice to her (you gain some LS points and a lot of influence). There are ways however to increase your influence with her:


1) Nar Shaddaa Landing Pad. Where the exchange thugs harass an indebted man, you can get them to jump into the pit or give them some money. Your influence will increase.


2) Dantooine: Enclave Sublevel. If you have the Suulru Moisture vaparator quest activated, talk to Jorran about it. Visas comments: This man lies!. Kill him to gain influence. If you are playing LS, don't worry about the DS points here, you easily get them back on Dantooine.


It shouldn't be to difficult, I had problems with it the first two times as well.

Master Vandar lives!

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This is key: SAVE THE GAME before you ask about force sight. (before you ask: how is it that you're able to see with the force?). The game ONLY lets you ask once, and if you get [influence:failure] then you can never ask about it again, and you cannot get force sight. Kind of annoying, but there it is.


Also, you can, if you have Visas in your party, just select her and go to first person view, and you'll be looking through "force sight" mode

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This modified Visas dialogue lets you ask her about Force Sight again if you failed the influence check the first time. I did this tweak a while ago and never released it because there's nothing really major about Force Sight, but since you're asking about the issue, I attached it to this post...


Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Restoration Project


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