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Modified KOTOR2 Wallpaper

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This might be treading on some slightly unsteady ground legally, but I took it upon myself to modify the Light Side KOTOR2 wallaper from the official Lucasarts website to include Visas (in the place of the Handmaiden) :huh:


It was more effort than you would think, and its certainly not perfect (there are some obvious issues), but its good enough for what I wanted it for, and since it was infact a fair slog, I thought I would share it in case there were others that would use it.




Get the large (1600x1200) version here




Get the large (1280x1024) version here


- Dan


PS: The original wallpaper is copyright to Lucasarts I imagine, and I certainly did not create that, I merely modified a bit. Not my fault that they decided to only tell half the story of Visas :huh:


Edit: Added a new version which I made for myself to use as it looks best to me on my LCD at 1280x1024.

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and yes, I did do the modifications myself, but as I said the original wallpaper was made by some talented people other than myself and is copyright to them. You could find the original over at www.kotor2.com

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I'm actually a web/graphic designer by profession, so I should hope so :)


I'll see how I go adding in the handmaiden in place of the disciple, but no promises... there is only so much I can do without making it look weird (without the model renders and such the original creators would have had access to). As it was it took a fair bit of time to adjust the finer points of Visas so she still looked like she does in the game, but didn't have the "evil" red presence that the models had in the dark side wallpaper, and in the end it was more of a passive thing... like you would notice it if you compared it directly the old one, but as it stands you cant necessarily see the changes.


- Dan

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