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A Couple of Things They Could Have Done

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Darth Nihilus: instead of watching him disintegrate, the Exile should have seen him simply vanish. This would allow him to come back in KOTOR III or not come back but it would allow people to speculate on a direct tie-in better. The problem with the cliffhanger is that it allows for almost no direct tie-ins from KOTOR II...everything points back to KOTOR I.





Kreia: tells you to go look for Revan in the Unknown Regions. She tells you this after you just saw your ship fall off a cliff for Christ's sake! A BETTER APPROACH would be to tell you to take Bao-Dur and Visas with you in her private ship, go to the Blankety-Blank system and look for a man named Jolee Bindo. Jolee will tell you how to find Revan.



Those two changes would not have added very many hours to the development time and, I believe, they would have allowed people to have some sense of what is to come (even if KOTOR III did not really go in that direction). With those two tweakings, we would not have half as much whining about the ending as we do now, IMO.



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Your #2 option would have been very interesting. Especially if you had a darkside Revan and asked:

"But isn't he dead?"

"No. There are many that the Force does not surrender until they have played their parts."


I also think a few small changes on Malachor V would have polished the game:


For instance a brief dialog on the Ebon Hawk where everyone is assembled and the Exile mentions that s/he must go alone. The other characters are concerned and each has a line of dialog showing their support. You ask (or demand) Bao-Dur to keep the Ebon Hawk in one piece so you can escape in time. Bao-Dur then gives you remote, and mentions he'll send a holo recording intended for remote to you once you're off the Hawk.


The Exile then walks away, and if Mira is in your party she looks around to make sure no one sees her sneak off to follow.


Then the game cuts to the surface of Malachor V, remote floats around you, and Bao-Dur's recording plays. You then activate the shadow mass generator parts while making your way to Trayus core.


Once all of the generators are active, Bao-Dur's recording plays. The Exile then tells remote to wait for his/her order, Remote beeps. The Exile then walks off. G0T0 breaks out of stealth and sends his dialog once the Exile is away. Then HK-47 walks in, and the dialog not related to other HKs being there plays and HK-47 kills G0T0.


After Mira defeats Hanharr, she walks up to the Trayus academy, and a Sith assassin tells her that she cannot pass. She notices that she's surrounded, and makes a comment that she'll leave, but her bounty better not be harmed or she'll be hunting them down like they hunted down the Jedi.


...and when the Ebon Hawk falls there's a small cut to the inside of the Ebon Hawk with the alarms running and T3M4 beeping. Then a short line from Atton, "Yeah if we can't get this thing in the air again soon, we're dead."


Then right after the fight with Kreia and right before the final dialog, there's a cut to T3M4 beeping cheerfully and the alarms not going off. Atton makes a comment of getting the hell out of there. Bao-Dur says "what about the General?" if lightside Atton says that he has an idea where the Exile is, and they better rescue him/her. If darkside Atton says that s/he can take care of herself and that they're leaving.


Then the rest of the game is as-is minus one more thing:

As soon as Kreia dies if lightside you get a final dialog option of:

"Activate the Shadow Mass Generator"


If darkside it would be:

"Order remote to stand down, Malachor V will not be destroyed today."


Then the final cutscenes play.


This way the game is tighter, and clearer with only a few lines of dialog added. This way you know what happens with your crew, and you know what happens with G0T0/remote which are the two major issues with the end game.


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Those are also very good ideas. Surely, this kind of stuff must have been talked about.


I'm thinking this could be the reason they did not give it a "tighter" ending: such an ending would have suggested that the Exile will continue to be the protagonist and perhaps that is not going to be the case. Chances are, they already had some basic idea of where KOTOR III was going before they even started on KOTOR II.


But man, what we ended up with is 2 uber protagonists with shadowy pasts and no real resolution to their stories.


If they do it right, I can see KOTOR III being a grand slam but they are going to have to work for it. And we need EVERYTHING wrapped up, including who is behind the HK factory, etc.

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With Obsidian working on a third title that is not a sequel, that pretty much counts KOTOR3 out as a possibility. And I don't think Bioware has intentions of touching the KOTOR franchise again.


So that leaves us with what? Either a new developer who has no ties or working knowledge (thus far) of the storyline, or no resolution at all.

"Console exclusive is such a harsh word." - Darque

"Console exclusive is two words Darque." - Nartwak (in response to Darque's observation)

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With Obsidian working on a third title that is not a sequel, that pretty much counts KOTOR3 out as a possibility.  And I don't think Bioware has intentions of touching the KOTOR franchise again. 


So that leaves us with what?  Either a new developer who has no ties or working knowledge (thus far) of the storyline, or no resolution at all.


well, one would hope that LA would take storyline ownership of it. ;)

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I find it somewhat unlogicial that

the Exhile goes to find Revan.

I mean, there is some sense in it but what about rebuilding the Jedi Order and making some of those awesome bonds so people come with? And why not take companions or at least say where the hell you are going... I mean, come on!


Exhile doesn't even know where he/she is going so how can they know that nobody can go with them?! We trust Revan... LS or DS? I mean, Revan betrayed lots of people... what's to say he/she won't betray the Republic/the Sith again to gathher another armada and conquer?! Why would a DS Revan be trustworthy? Why would you take nobody with you if you were Exhile?!



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