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Metal Gear Solid III

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I know it's been out a while elsewhere but it only came out last week or the week before here and I've kind of gotten behind on the gameplaying thing. This piqued my interest anyway and I was just wondering if these people are just overexited or is it true?


by Burhan Salih, 07 March 2005



by stuart, 07 March 2005

"this game is the best!!"


by Simon Passey, 07 March 2005

"Absouloute must buy! Best of the MGS games so far!"


by wes, 07 March 2005

"omg what can i say this is the best game ive ever played mixing stealh car chases shooting close combat bosses ive completed it 4 times and im still playing"


by The Vince, 07 March 2005

"All MGS fans will love this game, it could possibly be the best in the series, it absolutely batters MGS2 to a pulp. GET IT NOW!!!"


by Nick, 07 March 2005

"this is the best game i have ever played before, its a great game for a great price, a must buy!!!!!"


by Dave, 06 March 2005

"what can i say.. if you havent played this game SHAME ON YOU, a must buy, the most incredible game ive played in a while. (excellent story line)"


by Phil, 06 March 2005

"Best PS2 game I own. Be warned though, the cutscenes can be long so if your the impatient type then this isn`t the game for you. Overall a great game."


by jaker, 06 March 2005

"this game is the best this year mgs series has never been the same 10/10"


by jaker, 06 March 2005

"this game is fantastic and brings splinter cell out of the racks 10/10"


by SoLiDsNaKe!, 06 March 2005

"this is a brilliant game! A MUST BUY!!!"


by ThE bOsS, 06 March 2005

"fantastic game packed with loads of new features Hideo Kojima is a genius"


by CyborgNinja3000, 06 March 2005

"Play as Big boss (Snake) and find out how Big Boss got his name and how he lost his eye. the best game on the PS2 "


by Aaron, 06 March 2005

"Brilliant game from Kojima as always.Some excellent point like curing yourself and eating food make the game the closest to life stealth ever. 2 thumbs up!"


by garyduffy11, 06 March 2005

"This is the greatest game ever made theres not 1 bad thing you could say about this game graphics GREAT gameplay GREAT story GREAT 10/10 get it now : )"


by brad, 05 March 2005

"The best Metal Gear game in the seiries. NO! THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!! i recommend it to anyone who is anyone."


by jonny stone, 05 March 2005

"fantastic story as with all mgs games, brill graphics and gameplay! 10/10 way better than the spliter cell series! one ine game!"


by alex, 05 March 2005

"simply breath taking !!!"


by oliver simpson, 05 March 2005



by Stuart, 05 March 2005

"This must be the greatest and coolest game of all time. Classic action in the jungle with the collest camo system ever!! A must have game and should get 10/10!!!!"


by bob, 05 March 2005

"its supa rockin bady yeH!!!!!!!!!!"


by rockguitarist357, 05 March 2005

"This is probably the best game ever released on PS2. Stunning Graphics, mind blowing storyline and fantastic gameplay."


by matthew nokes, 05 March 2005

"I absolutely LOVE this game, graphics are superb, gameplay is just imense. and above all the story line ROCKS!!! 10/10 without a doubt."


by dezel, 05 March 2005

"Absolutly brilliant. deep and intense story with the best graphics available on the ps2. DO NOT MISS THIS GAME."


by Sam Davey, 05 March 2005

"Metal Gear Solid is a visual masterpiece. It is also fluent in gameplay with barely any loading. I fully reccomend it for anyone looking for stealthy gaming 10/10. Buy it!"


by >?>?>?>?, 05 March 2005

"Great game,the best mgs yet.very good graphics as usual.Good net features as well.A recomedded buy for any gamer."


by moggs, 05 March 2005

"Gotta be one of the greatest games ever, unique boss battles and an entertaining story. Best MGS yet!"


by Peter, 05 March 2005

"SUPERB game. One for metal gear fans."


by Swannzie, 05 March 2005

"Best Metal Gear yet!!!!!!"


by Rob Mitchell, 05 March 2005

"Simply nothing short of amazing. If you`re a fan of the Metal Gear series, this is a must-buy."


by Frog eater, 05 March 2005

"This is the most amazin game on the PS2 NO DOUBT!! Computer AI is so sweet and gameplay so realistic. Graphics even better than MGS2 by far. Get it now"


by Lax, 05 March 2005

"It is a supurb game. This is definitely the best of the series. If you`re a new comer for the series than this is the one you should start with."


by Ashryd, 05 March 2005

"Bringing a new insight to the MGS series, this epic game will last a months, featuring great gameplay, amazing graphics. With a new style even MGS vets will be challenged."


by Richard Gonputh, 05 March 2005

"The best game ever, full stop, Buy it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


by robbie, 05 March 2005

"One hell of a game, videos a bit long but easily the best metal gear yet. Buy it now!!"


by Luke, 05 March 2005

"Totally the best stealth game this year. 10/10. You have to be mad not to get it!"


by Scott, 05 March 2005

"2 Years waiting for this game...Well worth the wait. sneak around in the bushes, quietly move in grab the enemy by the throat, choices. Slit throat, interigate, or human shield."


by Stephen, 04 March 2005

"This is a must for any covert operative game fan...Puzzles and graphics and storyline are all absolutely fabulous"


by Robin, 04 March 2005

"wow. once you get used to the new style gameplay its really quite brilliant. and snake vs the monkey is also very good"


by DaZZa, 04 March 2005

"Two words... THE NUTS. This game is perfection and Hideo Kojima at his best. George of the jungle better watch out! Snake is about!"


by stuart, 04 March 2005

"amazing, simply amazing. buy this game!!!"


by Todd , 04 March 2005

"truly amazing... a peaceful jungle setting. lots of bosses like "the pain" "the fear" And interesting food: rats, crabs, birds, frogs and snakes. 96%"


by Bilal, 04 March 2005

"An absolute must for any PS2 owner. Brilliant storyline, brilliant music, brilliant characters, brilliant everything."


by Liam, 04 March 2005

"Best PS2 game ever"


by SSJGoku786, 04 March 2005

"A brilliant game. 10/10. Hideo has done a fine job."


by Snake, 04 March 2005

"Brilliant sheer brilliance!"


by Kevski, 04 March 2005

"This game is truely a work of art, there is no other game that can be named better than this one, absolutly brilliant!! 10/10 Well done Konami"


by Miguel Rosa, 04 March 2005

"Definetly the best Metal Gear Solid so far, buy it NOW!!!!!!"


by Stuart, 04 March 2005

"Stop looking at anything else! this is brilliant! i`m not even a big fan of sneaking games but i love this one! feels very different to MGS2! Buy IT!"


by Greg, 04 March 2005

"What a game, you must buy this game, they have done it again."


by james, 04 March 2005

"the best game in history WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"


by Mikey, 04 March 2005

"HA i get 1st review and i can say this game is amazing, the graphics look awesome evrywhere."


by hen, 04 March 2005

"this is the best game ever. the graphics are awesome, and the gameplay is so realistic. the game is soo detailed its unbelievable. u got to eat to survive. cool"


by flexaa, 04 March 2005

"Crazy game , 1 of the best MGS`s and equally hard BUY IT !!"


I'm doing my pre orders a bit later and wondered if it was worth adding to the list.

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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I prefere MGS2.


MGS3 is not as heavy in plot, also the solitron radar is gone and you are stuck with the motion detector and sonar that are near useless.


Also changed some of the controls, grab someone for me is impossible because of how its presure sensative, I just end up killing then if trying to grab then.


Now there is a camo system and a cure system, the camo system biggest issue is that we need to go to the menu to change paint and camo with is a break of the action, the cure system is pretty good and I hope its be used in other MG games or just MG type of games.


Anyway its more MGS:SE that MGS3.

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...it was good, not great...dunna believe the hype... :wub:"




A long, long time ago, but I can still remember,
How the Trolling used to make me smile.
And I knew if I had my chance, I could egg on a few Trolls to "dance",
And maybe we'd be happy for a while.
But then Krackhead left and so did Klown;
Volo and Turnip were banned, Mystake got run out o' town.
Bad news on the Front Page,
BIOweenia said goodbye in a heated rage.
I can't remember if I cried
When I heard that TORN was recently fried,
But sadness touched me deep inside,
The day...Black Isle died.

For tarna, Visc, an' the rest o' the ol' Islanders that fell along the way

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The graphics are great.


The story:


This depends.


- One of my friends went in with no expectations. He loved it, and he loved the ending.


-I expected every character to betray or otherwise screw you over, so as the plot progressed the only real surprises were the specifics. Though, I admit those specifics are rather impressive.


The ending rocks.




Also depends.


- The camaugage is mostly useless, because the enemies have been made smart enough to see through it most of the time.


- Sneaking varies. Often it seemed easier just to knock out all of the enemies in an area rather than sneak past them. This is in the default difficulty.


- Boss battles rock as well. There is some great variety if you go for a "no-kill" approach.


- It seems you can completely miss certain items, and the extras have been made extremely difficult to earn.


Overall I enjoyed the game. If I had time I'd play it through again.

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A friend of mine, known only as the Doorman, wrote a description of this game that I pretty much agree with entirely.


Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater


Be warned, I'm about to spoil the prologue.


Mm. Snake. And I don't mean admiring the man you're playing as. The game begins with you in a briefing with the strangely and inexplicably named Major Zero ranting, as usual, about some very naughty people who have done some very naughty things, around the same time as the height of the Cold War. You are known as Jack, and are given the codename Naked Snake, and orders to infiltrate Russia and rescue a weapons developer named Sokolov. Apparently the Russians pulled out of Cuba JUST because the wonderful US of freakin A handed Sokolov over to them. Everything else was fed to the press to shut them up.


Our lovely friend Naked Snake then preforms the world's first HALO ((High Altitude Low Oxygen)) jump out of a plane and into the Russian jungle. On the way down, his backpack gets stuck on a tree and he slams into the ground, dangerously near a cliff. Now you meet the other people who will be watching your back on this mission, called the Virtuous Mission.


Para-Medic is a movie buff who will tell you what you can eat and what you can't. She'll also save your game for you.


The Boss is a cold-hearted authoritative woman who spends most of the time on your radio yelling at you for sucking so much. Trust me, she will do this no matter WHAT you do.


Major Zero changes his codename to Major Tom for reasons as inexplicable as his original codename. His redeeming quality is that he's one of the few MGS characters EVER to have an accent, up there with Liquid Snake and that Russian leader fellow whose name I forget from MGS2. He's also less annoying than Otacon or Colonel Campbell.


Your first mission, Naked Snake ((luckily, they never call you this)), is to GET YOUR BACKPACK! OMG! SO HARDSZ! OH NOES!!11!!


So. You run through the grass, possibly stopping to examine the rather impressive scenery, climb a tree, and get your backpack.


Now you recieve some info on how to play, and you get to listen to Major Tom say again. And again. And again. That it's a stealth mission, or a sneaking mission. Major Tom will never shut up about this during the Virtuous Mission.


If you've ever played the MGS series, you'll catch on fairly quickly. It's all fairly standard procedure for movement and intreraction. But wait. THERE'S MORE!


Welcome now to the new and shiny aspects of MGS3.


1. You get a new combat technique, called CQC, or Close Quarters Combat. It sounds cool but it's really not. You can basically beat the living hell out of people in varying ways, including throwing them hard on the ground, headlock them, use people as a body shield, or interrogate people. The bonus here is that you can preform CQC even with weapons equipped, but only if they're CQC compatible ((this means anything Snake can hold along with a knife, or just his knife.)) CQC is fairly interesting, though I personally played through almost the entire game without using it.


2. A huge loss to all tactics, you lose something from MGS1 and MGS2 that made you very happy. This thing you have lost will be something you will MOURN for and you will likely go cry and have a long moment of silence for it. I assure you, you will NOT be happy.

Snake has lost his radar. That's right, you no longer have ANY idea where the enemy is, how many of them there are, or even where you are in relation to the edge of the screen. Your closest replacements are the detectors, which beep when you're near things, but it doesn't say WHERE. Life will be very bad.


3. A brand new arrival is the stamina system. Snake does get hungry and must hunt for food, or his stamina will drop. Low stamina means you can't aim worth crap, you lose eyesight, and start running slower. This is far from pleasant. To keep this from happening, Snake must hunt for food. You can eat many things, like mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, and, you guessed it, critters. If Snake likes the food, he gets good stamina recovery. If he doesn't he grumbles and whines. Rotten food or certain things, like poison dart frogs, will give Snake food poisoning.


4. How many people remember munching on a dusty ration and laughing off five to six bullet wounds? Well no longer. Our friends at Konami decided to piss you off and took that out too. No, NOW you have to heal YOURSELF. If you get shot in the leg, you have to go to the Cure Screen, then extract the bullet with a knife, disinfect it, then stitch it closed, apply a pressure patch, then bandage it. Get poisoned? Take some medicine. Get burned? Put ointment, then a bandage. Leeches? Burn them off with your trusty cigar. Yes, you must do this EVERY GODDAMN TIME. If you don't, your life bar will remain depleted rather than slowly recovering itself and your life will suck.


Having fun yet? Well say hello to the newest and possibly most INFURIATING aspect of the MGS series.


Number 5. Camoflauge. Yes, screw avoiding little sight cones, because those now extend across the whole map. You must equip varying camoflauge and facepaints in order to stay hidden in this game, crawling through grass, sand, and snow in the Russian wilderness. You will be painfully without useful weapons and rest assured, they have more weapons than you do.


Welcome to the horror that is MGS3.


Old fans of the series won't be dissapointed. You still get painfully long cutscenes and strange/ridiculous enemies, as well as a flash of a very youthful face of a certain Russian gunslinger we all know and love. Also, your loyalties will change repeatedly about a hundred times during the game, again and again, and many people will die horribly as you try to save the world from a giant metal thing with large guns that are horrendously inaccurate.


A strangely recurring theme is that every single boss in the series with the exception of two will explode violently when they die. The reasons for this are unknown, so it is added to the large list of "WHY HIDEO?! WHYYYY!?" questions.




Finally, the last but not least addition, a new, fun for all ages minigame! Snake vs. Monkey! You heard right, you may play a minigame where you are everyone's favorite Solid Snake, called out of retirement by Campbell to hunt...you guessed it...monkeys. The briefing is absolutely bizarre, and don't think too much about it lest you hurt yourself. You must chase the monkeys with a golden tranquilizer gun and shoot them before they see you and run. Then you must run over and poke them, and they explode into sparks and go away. If you catch them all, you are rewarded with watching Snake do a happy dance. But you're NOT DONE. Go chase some more monkeys in five whole levels!


In the least Campbell doesn't mention it being a sneaking mission...


With this, Doorman is out.

Feel free to steal this sig.

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Its pretty decent, my biggest grip is the presure controls idea since my PS2 controler have long lost his sensitivity.


My other problem is they listen to the "fans" over the amount of story thrown in, you get very little idea of who the Cobras are and you are playing in the dark until you reach the first reserach facility, then you start to get some idea of what is going on.


Also Young Ocelet is pretty cool, expecialy when we realize who are his parents.

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"A strangely recurring theme is that every single boss in the series with the exception of two will explode violently when they die. The reasons for this are unknown, so it is added to the large list of "WHY HIDEO?! WHYYYY!?" questions."


With the exception of all bosses except the Cobras you mean. (More than two ..) The cobras explode so they can't give the enemy any information. Major Zero tells you this after the fight vs The Fear. :luck:

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Shh... Don't correct Doorknob when he's explaining things that are beyond his capacity for understanding. Hell, he didn't even get the Snake vs. Monkey briefing. :luck:


Because we all remember how deep that was...


Campbell: This is a direct request from The Professor.


Snake: The Professor? The same one who invented the monkey helmet?!


Campbell: No, that was the guy who sat next to him in class.

Feel free to steal this sig.

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I've put off my order list till friday (another week in advance shows up then) thanks for you all for your comments so far. It does indeed appear that the game will be well worth a purchase.

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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I played it and It's an absolute masterpiece of a game. MGS 2 I enjoyed the story, but actually resented when the game made me do something (because it interupted my story time) MGS III though has a much nicer synergy between story and game.


And that sequence with the sorrow where you are walking through the ghosts of all the people you have killed is really eerie.


Now I have to go rent Twin Snakes.

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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