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  1. I read in some other forums someone tried the xbox version of Half-life2 on 360, to see if the framerate improved, as it was bad on the xbox, and although it looked slightly better, the framerate supposedly stayed the same. I'd assume it'd be the same case with KOTOR.
  2. I've got 2,3 and 4, and each sequel just seemed to have all the improvements of the previous one while adding a couple of its own, so I'd assume it'd be best just to get the latest one.
  3. Well the article was talking about the gaming aspect of it, and I wouldn't think including them solely for web accessibility would be much news, as even the PS2 supported any USB keyboard for that purpose. And yeah, the PS2 had free online play.
  4. The chances of them even making the keyboard+mouse compatible for a few games are extremely low unfortunately
  5. Unless any of my immediate family members were in danger, I'd be running in the opposite direction, and I think that pretty much goes for any dangerous situation.
  6. I generally just feel PC games are deeper... Playing on my console I have fun but I really feel like I'm just messing about, when I'm on my PC I feel like I'm really gaming. I just feel more immersed playing on PC.
  7. Also quite similar to 'Secret Window'.
  8. Incase anyone hasn't seen the secret picture... http://img9.echo.cx/my.php?image=awakelogo2ln.jpg From what I hear, it was quickly put up on www.alanwake.com, then quickly taken down again.
  9. If I spent very little money on a cheap car, I wouldn't expect it to have all the advantages of a top of the range sports car. PC's cost alot more, so there will be extra and better features. You get what you pay for.
  10. [Lie] Hmm, yes, that is some very skilled work.
  11. I'd say the story is better than MGS2, but the gameplay is worse.
  12. What does the female Revan think shes doing adventuring all over the galaxy anyway? She should be in the kitchen.
  13. Very nice, I love your style. It'd be amazing to see some kind of proper comic.
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