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KOTOR Prequel

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I don't mind prequels as you have so many examples of prequels being strong stories. Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom comes to mind off the top of my head.


Oh, and I found a website that states that the Darca story is 6 months after Phantom Menace. I think that rumor started because people saw the image of Darth Nihilus in the preview for the comic and made a connection between the names... but of course that probably means that the 3 jedi run into Nihlus in the comic, I'd assume.

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Hmmm...  I don't like Prequels.  I like to read and play what the action is going on now instead of what is going on in the past.  Overuse of prequels and flashbacks weaken a story, not strengthen it.

I agree Hades. The trouble with prequels is that you know where everything has to lead to, as you're a dozen steps ahead of the PC/NPC's in the game. When you know the ending before it happens, it makes it too anti-climatic TBH.

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That is why when I write a story I start at the beginning and finish at the end. I also do not use flashbacks. If the flashback was so important then you should have started at that point. Besided the events in a flashback can be inferred in good detail with properly written dialog.

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