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The GOOD in K2!!!


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Yes, there are some issues with K2, no doubt.


For just a second though, I'd like to reflect on the parts of K2 that we enjoyed:


*Outstanding character development

*Great Cutscenes---

Some favs:

Kreia's Fall

Madalore's walk through the flames

Sion/Harbinger 1st Appearance

Sion breaking out of Kolto Tank



*Great Dialogue

Gotta Love HK 47's one-liners. One of the Best NPCs ever!

Love Triangles

All the Kreia commentary

Stark individuality---no two characters the same.

*All the items and toys

Kudos on the workbench/lab bench

*Beautiful Scenery

Spacewalk on the Peragus Asteriod


Hyperspace leaving Peragus

Outside the Ebon Hawk on Peragus


*Interplay between the characters---wonderful tension

*Light vs Dark (Really cool being dark)

Force Choking Disciple

Influcing your companions (Great idea!)


Etc. Etc. Feel free to add to what I've overlooked.



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I like the ability to break down items and use them to create other items.

There is also more options in regard to upgrading weapons, armour etc which I find to be very cool. It gives the player alot of customising options.


My favourate lvls would be the Onderon mission. Especially the part where u have to break up into two teams. That is way cool. Very Star Wars like.

The monster trying to break the force field is also a nice touch, though I would prefer it to be hmm.. a lot more tougher, bigger and scarier. May be requiring more team work to bring it down?

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I really liked the scenes between your NPCs on the ship. It really gave you a flavor for their personalities. The one between Atton and Mira had me cracking up for an hour. "Meditation Envy?" bwahahaha. :D



I also liked the workbench and the lab station.


I liked that your PC could train others to use the Force. I liked the way Kreia tutors and mentors you.



I like that you had the choice to stick a lightsaber in Vrook's gut. :p



I like that the influence system is worked into the game mechanics AND story.


I also liked that you played your NPCs here and there.

I loved the temple on Dxun. And Mira and T3 on Nar Shadaa were fun. It really breaks the habit of Stasis: Lightening Storm; Lightening Storm or Force Wave-Force Wave-Force Wave. o:) You have to learn how to use those other skillz.


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