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  1. My opinion: KotOR is a more consistent, rounded game. It had harder combat. TSLs good points were very good- more complicated story, better implementation of certain feats, crafting items etc....but it's bad points were very bad (you should know what I mean). Combat was much easier. I like them roughly equally as a result. KotOR's a good old Jedi romp, whereas TSL is harder work but equally rewarding.
  2. Er... that sounds a little bit "adult rated".
  3. ...as in- it's really Darth Traya. Interesting theory though, and as you say, not totally disproved yet. And, unfortunately, impossible to prove.
  4. Unlikely be a cyborg I suppose. Very unlikely....
  5. When you're talking about giving Master Rapid Shot (or flurry etc) to your allies , you have to bear in mind that 90% of the time they'll still use "default attack" which is an absolute arse when you've got a feat that gives them an extra attack for NO PENALTY and they still insist on not using it!
  6. Quote:"Honestly, did you think that you could get away with pushing out a game that didn't even play right?" Did you buy it? If so then yes.
  7. You need to either create items on the bench or sometimes you'll find them, then go to a workbench and do upgrade items, and put the items in the slots for the weapon/armour you want to upgrade. Also: remember there are 2 types of benches- lab stations and workbenches. Edit:You'll get to make your own after a while (too long it seems!), but you'll find a load throughout the game (even 1 or 2 unique ones- that you can't upgrade unfortunately). A certain person will tell you how to craft your own...
  8. My God- do you lot go to the feedback screen and check your damage after every battle????
  9. Dude, ever heard of SPOILER TAGS! He was asking who she was, as in who he should look for to get her in the party I presume, not her life history!
  10. In response just to one point- in KotOR1 I found the Droid Support a bit much cause he'd use his special weapons (though not shields) almost constantly! In KotOR2, I don't bother giving allies too many different active feats (like Flurry) cause even if you've got it to the highest level (where there are no penalties for using it), they still insist on using normal attack!?!?!?
  11. I definitely subscribe to the Malak/Malach=Angel Dark Angel- oh yes! In the end it just comes doen to what "sounds cool". I mean that Sion etc....business. Sounds like he's a Dark monk of some sort, more than any particularly religious/Jewish/whatever reference.
  12. Isn't it in the BIGGEST, most obvious crystal formation, in the middle?
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