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  1. Erm.. just heard that LA maybe considering *ahem* microsoft *cough* to program KOTOR III for xbox 360 only *bleurgh*. Could be worse, could be DICE, EA or many others, and dare I say it Obsidian.
  2. Lionheart Legacy of the Crusader! How not to finish half a game:/
  3. ...great joke None of them compare to PS:T or FO2 (perhaps K2 compares to FO2 at bugs " ) There are way better games than the K's out there....everyone who thinks K1&2 were the best should try these games:PS:T,FO2,BG2,FO,BG,IWD,Arcanum,IWD2 Just my opinion :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> IWD see dungeon crawl like diablo II only not as good:( IWD 2 see storyline linearaity straight jacket:( PS:T 30 hours running around back to the start stupid wiseass skull too. Tatoos of wisdom, *smacks forehead* FALLOUT I&II - Lacks a third -oh please oh please oh please
  4. half-life 2 is just head and shoulders above doom 3, doom ran out of new ideas by the 4th level, theres only so many times you can pick up something and have an imp spawn behind you and it will seem exciting, also the game was soo bloody dark it just wasn't scary, try annoying half-life 2 had superior graphics, an actual physics system, superior level design, superior AI, better weapons, a far better storyline and better way of storytelling and had tonnes of new ideas in every level its a bit of a no brainer really <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I liked doom3 and half l
  5. There's a cheat NODE in the jek jek tarr tunnels, is that what you are on about?
  6. -------------------------- I would say a real gamer actually recognises ground breaking work, can play for days non-stop and doesn't believe or go along with the surrounding hype of new substandard games before forming his/her own opinion. I never said all the games should be rpg only and (as the post above says) most gamers are 20+. As for the "so what attitude" that is why the gaming industry has become what it has become, unfinished on released, overpriced betas.
  7. The conditions for actual entry onto the list was somewhat limited and when similar games and series of games get onto the list you have to wonder at what kind of 5 year old judged it. Also very limited criterion for judgement seems to be used as well as a narrow view of what constitutes a best game of all time. It also is limited to primarily console games. Two thoughts remain though: 1) Why doom3 is so far below half life 2 given that they IMHO two very great gaming experiences for different reasons and were released at the same time? I'd like to think that because most of the peo
  8. I'd quite like it if you had a feat/option that would allow your character to hold a blaster in the offhand and fence with your lightsaber in the other, at the same time.
  9. Some sad individual living in their parent's basement must have re-textured a skin by now, i did see a thinner female and better underwear mod at pcmods for kotor ii. :">
  10. How about using "extreme programming" for coding?
  11. KOTOR III: Death of a Franchise KOTOR III: The Unfinished Product KOTOR III: Fallout III (oh please, oh please, oh please)
  12. Question should have been "Will episode 3 be more Phantom Menace or Empire Strikes Back?" Funny how one of the worst films ever can be part of the series with one of the best films ever. Cannot wait for Starwars the TV series. <_<
  13. Which/what cheat did you have in mind? Plenty of trainers/mods on google. :ph34r:
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