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  1. love your work! DS Carth would have been interesting. I mean he was teetering on the edge there with all that need for revenge. But could you imagine? DS Mission, Zaalbar too? Juhani? How cool would that have been.
  2. Ok I *think* what happened was that the Mass Shadow Generator is actually holding MV together. As in Mass = Matter, so something that is shadowing mass to artifically create gravity. At the end, MV doesn't blow up, but rather all the wreakage and bits start to float off, now that they are no longer held by the MSG.
  3. yeah - run to all the bomb sites, it might be that the charge is already at the fourth one. In my case in the last game, it was bomb site 3 that still needed a charge. I wish there was someway to *see* the charge so you didn't have to just guess.
  4. My inital build was: STR 10 DEX 14 CON 12 INT 12 WIS 15 CHA 14 HTH.
  5. yeah its almost insulting and crass to leave all that stuff for the players to find. The least they could have done was deleted it before pressing.
  6. I did consular/Jedi Master. You'll have so many freaking FP, that you can use DS powers no problemo. You may want to consider a 12 CON so you can at least use some implants. You can up your strength + dex with items in the game (under/overlays; belts, implants, gloves, crystals, etc). I'd take master toughness and weapon finesse and master flurry. Most of the game was pretty easy so long as you kept your PC from being beat on, but there are a few places where you'll need to actually fight.
  7. I dunno, Plooby, that tech outfit was better than those brown fugly skivvys everyone else got. :D
  8. It wasn't just no resolution with Atton. It was no resolution with *anyone*. Seriously.
  9. I love Bao-Dur. He's just so geeky and cool. And that voice... The first time I played through, he was easy to influence and he was my PC's first padawan, so to speak. The second time through, I couldn't seem to influence him enough and Atton, Mira and Disiple were all Jedi and Bao-Dur was not. Bao-Dur does look pretty good in that black fiber armor. I think it fits his personality better than robes anyways. :ph34r: But I think Atton looks hawt in the robes. The first time I did send him to Dxun and he always wanted to talk about what happened there later, but later never ca
  10. Yes, this confused me too. I'm thinking that Mira had to do a similar "face the past" thing a kin to what the Exile had to go through. Hanharr was like Mira's Malachor, so to speak. Like Malachor hunted the Exile (via the force), Mira was hunted literally by Hanharr for doing what she felt was the right and just thing to do. By facing him again and choosing to spare him again, she faces the regret and is better for it. Conversly, she can kill him and be done with the matter. That part could have been developed a bit more I think. <_<
  11. I really liked the scenes between your NPCs on the ship. It really gave you a flavor for their personalities. The one between Atton and Mira had me cracking up for an hour. "Meditation Envy?" bwahahaha. :D I also liked the workbench and the lab station. I liked that your PC could train others to use the Force. I liked the way Kreia tutors and mentors you. I like that the influence system is worked into the game mechanics AND story. I also liked that you played your NPCs here and there.
  12. I agree with this to a certain extent. It is strange how utterly different the Carth and even the Juhani romances were, compared to the Bastila one. As I'm playing with a male character I was increasingly surprised by my dialog options. "You want me to say what to her???" I don't care for that particular "meme". That would be nice if the romance wasn't tied to the plot. Its harsh when you find out you're Revan - especially the way that Carth finds out. Its heartbreaking. Or the bug if you screw up and NPC quest - like Carth's or Bastila's. That sucks too. So that would be
  13. Zeratul has a cool voice. Cooler than Yoda's. *cries for Tassadar*
  14. heh its was the Society for the Non-Protection of Carth or somesuch. I liked Carth. But even my DSF had to kill him in the end. Besides the Carthaholics won't want to romance him again - he and Revan were meant to be together. Sillies.
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