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  1. Hmm... I checked pcgamemods and I can't find that redemption mod. Help?
  2. I'm a straight guy but I absolutely love Bao-Dur's voice. It has a soft, melodic, almost hypnotic quality to it that I've never heard before. I'm not sure Jeannette from Bloodlines was my favorite character either, lol.
  3. I personally found the cutscene in KOTOR where Revan discovers his true identity to be the best one of them all, especially the end of it where Revan takes off his mask to reveal... you.
  4. If you need money, the Handmaiden robe trick is the way to go....
  5. I just finished the game yesterday, and I'd like to echo what people have said here already. At first I wasn't too disappointed about the ending... it was very abrupt, but I was reaching the point where I thought the game needed to end. However, upon seeing what was planned for the ending, I cannot express anything except utter dismay that OE seemingly was forced to rush the product out the door, and that no effort was made to change this for the PC version, even without an X-mas deadline. Honestly, I would have rather had the extra 30 min - 1 hr required to wrap the game up smoothly and
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