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  1. Thanks for the reply. I still havnt played the game from the DS perspective. I was still thinking that maybe Hanharr was hidden somewhere in the Ebon Hawk and I missed it. <_< Because on the LS he doesnt join the party right?
  2. Why did Kreia save the wookie only to have him fight the Huntress at the end? Did Keria want Mira dead? Why? Anyone has a theory?
  3. I like the ability to break down items and use them to create other items. There is also more options in regard to upgrading weapons, armour etc which I find to be very cool. It gives the player alot of customising options. My favourate lvls would be the Onderon mission. Especially the part where u have to break up into two teams. That is way cool. Very Star Wars like. The monster trying to break the force field is also a nice touch, though I would prefer it to be hmm.. a lot more tougher, bigger and scarier. May be requiring more team work to bring it down?
  4. Ok can someone pls tell me wat the main plot for KOTOR2 is? Why the Sith wants the PC dead? Why Keria wants to save him? If the PC is a wound in the force, why than can he still use force powers? If he is healed, than is he a threat to other force users? I love the dark endings of PST and the FO series, I love the happy endings of the BG and KOTOR too. I do not mind whether the ending is happy or sad, it is about how well it is implemented. I find that the ending of KOTOR2 left alot to be desired.
  5. I love KOTOR1, and comparing it with KOTOR 2 , I must say that KOTOR2 falls way short. I wanted so much to like KOTOR2, but after playing it, I am really disappointed, maybe its the result of all the expectations and hype? I felt the game lack the polish of the first. Technical issues aside, the story implementation is so disjointed, cut scenes that is not consistant, eg. -when GOTO shot the little droid, and after that the droid is still floating around the Ebon Hawk with no explanation wat so ever. -at the ending when GOTO trys to stop the droid from detonating the bomb?Did he succee
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