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I personally think Nihilus is a Zabrak or Iridonian (is there a difference?).  Why?  Look at his hood.  It appears to be suspended in a triangular fashion by something, so why not horns?


A Zabrak is a member of a species that lives on Iridonia. An Iridonian is anyone of any species that was born on Iridonia. Tricky distinction.

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So, Darth Maul was an Iridonian Zabrak?


IIRC, yes.

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"I dream things that never were and say why not?"
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He isn't a force spectre.. current issues of Jedi Tales are actually focussing on his past.  You can order them at darkhorse's website...



Got any links?

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Hmmm.  Darth Daffy.  The idea has merit...


darth daffy of the 24th 1/2 century, the kotor 3 story just writes itself now.


a quick note on the true sith. naga sadow for example was a pure blood dark sider, while other like ludo kresh, was watered down after mixing with the sith people, that the original dark jedi dominated. nihiuls couldnt be a true sith, as they have yet to reveal themselves after the great hyperspace war that happened 5000 pre a new hope. Remember koribaan was only the burial mounds of the true sith, NOT the homeplanet. The true sith ruled their empire from a planet called ziost(i would really like to see a visit to this place in kotor3)


while im at it. naga sadow is not buried at koribaan, he got stranded at yavinIV(thus the temple there) a bit of a blooper in the kotor series.

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ok, i decompressed the files with miles sound studio, played it forward and backwards with goldwave and slowed it down to .30 and i still get gibberish. now i know next to nothing about editing / filtering sounds but i think this guy is just looking for attention, i got absolutely nothing that sounded like what you said. If im forgetting to do something then point me in the right direction so i can get what you got.

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