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  1. I know you got past it, but there is supposed to be a terminal around that disables the Force field.
  2. That jumping problem never happened to me, but the whole "Dead pad" thing usualy means you have just changed gears, or it is immpossible to go any faster, as evidenced by the whole motion blurr when you go realy fast.
  3. Did you try the Zeison Sha or Jal Shey Armors? You need Armor Class: light to use them, but they actualy fall under the robes catagory, because they don't prevent the use of Force powers. Use Jal Shey for Consulars/Jedi Masters/Sith Lords, Zeison Sha for Guardians/Weapons Masters/Sith Marauders, and either for Sentinels/Jedi Watchman/Sith Assassins.
  4. Find the Droid control ship, and you can either overload them so that they explode and kill the creatures in your path, or manualy repair them so they follow you, except the last one, he wont follow me for some reason.
  5. This isn't quite about that, but in Halo 2, during the first Arbiter mission, when you and your squad get locked in a room, a Grunt mutters "I got a bad feiling about this." to which another replies "You always got a bad feeling about something." That made me laugh the first time i heard it (w00t) . Anyone else find SW quotes in non-SW stuff?
  6. Warning: Sensory overload. Self-Destruct activated. Goodbye, Master. :*BOOM!*:
  7. In EpII, they are clones. Jango Fett is the last of the Mandalorians, as is his clone/son Boba after him.
  8. I got nothing to add to this conversation, so i wont say anything.
  9. Rrrrriiiiiigggghhhhhttttt. <_< <_< <_< <_<
  10. Dude, when did you last see a psychiatrist? You got some issues. <_<
  11. Your all wrong, you know. In the whole KOTOR series, the most interesting romance option is the one where the female PC and Juhani get together. Yes, it does happen. Don't ask me how, it was an accident.
  12. I think i know what was up when you didn't set the mines off even when you walked over them. Did you shut the Minefield down? cuz if you did, they still sit there, but you can walk over them without trigering them. Overload them so they destroy G0-T0's droids too.
  13. I reckon in KOTOR III, you play as a Revan returning to the galaxy, only to find it changed, with the Exiles actions creating ripples through the Force even now, and only the loyal HK-47 to fill you in on what happened while you were away, and to explain why you have to start at Level 1 again, Revan went out of the Galaxy completly, where the Force does not even exist, and so lost his force connection for a while. Or possibly the Exile Searching for Revan outside the galaxy? That would explain some things.
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