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  1. That's about as trustable as a Human Rights Charter signed by Pol Pot.
  2. Patently FALSE. Lord Vader demanded that Tarkin speak to the Emperor before daring to destroy one of the Core worlds, and Tarkin refused, claiming that he was in charge of the station and could do whatever he wished. Lord Vader most certaintly did not approve of the destruction of Alderaan, as per the ANH Radio Drama.
  3. The most influence intensive things she tells you are some revealing backstory information on Revan. My favorite line: "What was Revan like?" "Revan was power. He was the heart of the Force. Even then, you could see Jedi he would slay etched on his soul."
  4. She likely had her mysterious and twisted teachings before her fall to the Dark Side, most likely. We know that Revan did speak to her last before falling. She probably didn't mean for her methods to cause him to fall, she likely just thought she was right.
  5. Atomic Space Vixen: Oh, absolutely. I understand a response in kind. E.g. User A posts fallacy X. I say not X, Y. However, even if it's not so and you were right, Z is also true, so X isn't accurate. [...] Yeah, I do that on occasion. It's a useful rhetorical technique. It actually gets through to them more than the logic and facts do, though we still include those for the benefit of others.
  6. Nope. The KOTORII Chronicles explicitly describe her fall as being the direct result of her guilt over Revan.
  7. Kreia only fell to the Dark Side much after Revan, where she visited the Trayus Academy after becoming distressed at Revan's fall. Revan was ultimately responsible for her fall.
  8. Any time. Usually they can go interchangeably, since there aren't many people of other species living on Iridonia.
  9. Nero still very much maintained the constitutional pretense of the Principate, and even autocrats such as Commodus. By the time of Diocletian, the Imperium Romanum no longer existed--it was known as Romania, and Roma was no longer the capital: Ravenna was. It wasn't a Roman Empire, despite what they deluded themselves into thinking. I referred to Classical Roma during my post. Though you would be correct in your characterization of Diocletian, whose Tetrarchy permanently laid the monarchical structure bare for all to see and began the government which was known as the Dominate.
  10. Actually, if you'd look, the vast majority of it is my own writing--with a few selected one-lined quotes. ------- Certainly, though I do admit that my mastery is limited to Classical Roma and Napoleonic France. I do know a fair bit about most other history.
  11. Stay with single. Even with finesse, your to hit will be garbage. There's no need for a Consular to waste precious feats on a dual wield.
  12. A Zabrak is a member of a species that lives on Iridonia. An Iridonian is anyone of any species that was born on Iridonia. Tricky distinction.
  13. Patently false, Ma'am. Cleopatra was young girl that required the help of one C. Julius C
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