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  1. No. My dreams and amibitions now are to be recruited for the Mandalorian Wars and fight in them, but still have some more information about Bastilla/Revan and basically everything that wasnt explained in KOTOR II.
  2. Poor soul. It proves how glitchy the PC version is! Viva la X-Box! But I'm sure the Patch announced will clear up any problems your encountering eh?
  3. Well, I like the Ebon Hawk, but perhaps a choice of ship this time would be pretty cool. Perhaps flying a large Republic war ship in some part of the game. Now that'd be very entertaining! :D
  4. No, I think of you know Galactic Basic you can understand any race that speaks Galactic Basic. I think thats It, but perhaps I'm wrong. And thank you for the compliment, I made it myself.
  5. The only problem is that many Twileks dont speak actual Human, they speak Galactic Basic. I dont know, maybe a cross breed of some sort; I doubt anyone really knows. (Excuse me if someone does.)
  6. Yeah thats exactly what I thought. It's because no-one trusts the Jedi Knights anymore, because they think the Jedi and the Sith are the same, they think if you wield a Lightsaber, your a Jedi. And of course there was the huge war, between the "Jedi".
  7. Two single hilted lightsabers would do me, but I never really focused on the two weapon feats. So, it didnt really inflict and much damage as I hoped. Though, Double Ended can be very useful in certain areas of the game.
  8. Sell it on eBay. Thats my advice to you, though I dont know why you dont want to sell it. It's got some replay value, such as different endings, such, different dialogue options; so on so forth.
  9. Very nice work. Though, I'm glad that Nihilus' role wasnt just to talk like Daffy Duck. But maybe many more things can be uncovered if you delve deeper into the game. Good job!
  10. That was a serious pain. In KOTOR I the dialogue would advance every so often, like with Carth, Bastilla, Jolee, etc. The only Character who had the real dialogue advancement was Atton.
  11. Well, seeming as I'm new to the forums. I've already come to admire one person here, and thats got to be you. I've been lurking the last few days about the "lost ending", and such. And I'd like to wish you the best of luck with it.
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