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  1. My feelings on this are mixed. By nature, I like new twists on old ideas rather than the standard clich
  2. That is because you are not a true Jedi, like your father before you.
  3. I'm not sure, but when it happens, redo the whole scene the same way. That happened to me, and the second time I kicked out of the loop and was able to continue. (You get a lightside point, I think, for attacking your comrades and protecting Kreia -- go figure... )
  4. Did you use the cheat codes at all to change your lightside/darkside points? Someone elsewhere said that, if you do that, there's a bug that basically reverses your influence on your companions. If you go LS, they go DS, and vice versa (sounds like a flipped integer or something in the code).
  5. Yeah, the Hanhaar thing is simply based on Hanhaar's experiences and the choices he made in reaction to them throughout his life. If an enemy spares your your life repeatedly, you have a few choices: 1. You let go of your hate and realize that the other person does in fact respect you and wants to be in relationship with you, rather than an enemy. This, however, means you are not as strong as that person (as they beat you AGAIN), you are not as noble/good as that person (they spared you, you wouldn't have spared them), and you are not worthy of the kind act they are offering. In other
  6. The answer's kind of obvious and here's why: Which "Darth" is the only one still alive in his storyline? Revan. " More seriously, probably Nihilous. Not only did he get a cool t-shirt made of himself, but his particular power (as someone else has said) seems to dwarf/suck everything else into it. Vader, frankly, (and Luke as well, unfortunately) compared to these guys is a real wuss.
  7. As far as plot goes, since the Exile kept being referred to as a "dead spot" and I was playing as a girl Jedi, when Atton reveals that he killed the Jedi woman who "awakened him to the Force," I was wondering if the Exile was that woman, brought back to life by Kreia or someone.... But I guess that guess didn't pan out. Would have been interesting, though.
  8. Just finished SWKOTOR2 last night, and found myself severely disappointed. While some of the voice acting could have been a little better, the plotting was intricate and well-done -- you could tell they sat down and really beat around the storyline, the characters, and their motivations (similar to Brad Bird, director of The Incredibles) until they had something with depth and meaning. The story really touched me in spots. As everyone suggests, it was the ending that flat-lined. (This happened a bit with the first KOTOR, which I felt ended somewhat abruptly, but this was much worse.)
  9. I'm going to spring for a new soundcard, since I'm running a Monster Sound MX300. It looks like that COULD be the reason I can't run without disabling sound. Here's my post elsewhere, quoting the LucasArts problems with various soundcards: http://forums.lucasarts.com/thread.jspa?th...=29498&tstart=0 If you have a Vortex-based card, you might be out of luck.
  10. Yes. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What you buy with your money is NOT the actual CD/package, you're buying a license to play the game. (The other stuff is just part of getting the software TO you.) That's the "license" you had to read before clicking "I Accept...blah blah blah" right before install. Generally, no matter what type of software it is, you are only permitted by license (usually) to run one copy of the software at the same time. If you want to run another one, you need to buy another license. The CP on the Play disc enforces this law.
  11. Didn't work for me. Who wants to bet this is another ****ty copy-protection scheme? I'm so tempted to just pirate any future games I want, just so I don't have to deal with faulty legit copies. Oh the irony. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, pretty annoying, huh? The same thing happened to me (flipping back and forth between disks). Meanwhile, the install kept bombing. Eventually I followed LucasArt's advice to copy the contents of Disk2, Disk3, and Disk4 to the hard drive in separate folders (named after the disk #). I started the install with the real CD Disk #1. Then,
  12. 1. Run "DXDiag" (use Run command on Start Menu), go to the Sound tab, and turn hardware acceleration ALL the way down. That's the easiest and quickest thing to try. 2. Uninstall and reinstall your audio drivers. That is the only solution that actually seems to have worked for one or two folks. The others probably won't work, although I recommend using MSCONFIG to disable all non-Microsoft services -- it will make your computer run much faster when you're gaming. I'm using WinXP Pro BTW.
  13. I've been monitoring this particular problem on LucasArts and here since Friday, since I'm tired of playing the game without sound. None of the gaming community has yet found a workaround. One guy reloaded his audio drivers and got his to work -- but he's the rarity. I've tried: - Removing and reloading my audio drivers - Renaming the DVD/CD related DLL in Windows/System32 - Removing and reinstalling my graphics card (just in case) - Turning off all my audio hardware acceleration [AND video!] in DxDiag (DirectX 9.0c) - Booting completely clean via MSCONFIG (i.e., only system-nec
  14. "Well, why don't we put HER in charge, man!?" -- Hudson, "Aliens" (The "Game Over!" quote might be appropriate in this situation as well.)
  15. It's going to take time for the devs to understand and figure out the problems, and then code and *TEST* (please test this time!) the patch. Even if they rush, it could be a number of days. Personally, they should figure out the worst problems (ATI, Disabled sound to run, install issues) first and release a patch just so people can run the game. Then the next patch should handle non-critical errors and potentially cosmetic issues. If they try to do everything in one patch, we could literally be here for 3-5 months before we see anything.
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