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What is the biggest improvement listed that you want to see?  

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  1. 1. What is the biggest improvement listed that you want to see?

    • Most Bugs fixed
    • New Engine
    • Deeper Story
    • Improved NPC Interaction
    • New Lightsaber Upgrades
    • Other (Post what you would like improved then)

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I think this is a question that should be given alot of thought.


I imagine they will get the Jade Empire engine for KOTOR3, so that angle should be set. I've never been a big stickler for top notch graphics, so I'd be much happier if they worked on improved NPC interactions (an actual Master/Padawan relationship was sorely lacking in KOTOR2), an ending to their stories, and polishing the product.

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Uhmmm the engine is fine... all games have things that make them diff. This is an RPG so it's more based on story and character progression, so that's where my vote goes. K2 didn't have as much meaning for me as K1. Also, as usual, fixxing up some bugs would be an added bonus.


Edit: also in an RPG... graphics can mean **** all :blink: I still love playing the Chrono Trigger, Zelda, FF, SoM, Suiko1-4 and all the oldies. They're just great games.

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in order of importance to me


coherent story - i dont want to have to depend on certain character interactions to allow the story to unfold properly, which by the way, you can only find out certain plot points through characters depending on what attributes you have. finishing the game 3 to 4 times and having to go on a message board to fully grasp what just happened in my 40 hours plus of game time is ridiculous. kotor2's story was there, it just didnt flow very smoothly. in kotor 1 you can neglect every party member and the story unfolds clearly right infront of you.


new engine - lets face it, the current one is dated and ugly. get rid of it.


bugs - there shouldnt be any.

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You should have the ability to fall off any ledge and fall to your death. Just like in Jedi Academy. Choke somebody and let them fall.

And you have to be able to jump.

And kill anyone you please.

It's all in the expansion of gameplay, I guess. If the environment in the current KOTOR becomes hundred times more interactive and larger, I would be just fine with what it is in terms of graphics.


The perfect game for me would be KOTOR in a Grand Theft Auto mould. Go anywhere, drive some vehicles, do some missions, fool around as a Jedi or Sith.

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It needs a new engine, but not so much for graphics as for just working.... I mean, somehow, the graphics code got even worse. Frame buffer effects turn my computer into a strobe-light now. Always worked fine in the original. Really, a lot of the graphics problems could be solved just with more tlc for the textures and models. There are a lot of surfaces that don't even have textures, just some surface effect to mask it. The graphics engine itself, if they'd had more time, could have made it look a lot better than it does.

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