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Stupid LS/DS Choice from Kotor

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What I thought was lame in kotor I was this: Even if you maintained a goody goody god worshipping jedi, who was fully lightside for the whole game, you could make a choice near the end (no spoilers, DW) that reverses you staright to dark. (or straight to light, should you be dark and choose the good option)

hopefully this isnt in kotor II, cos otherwise whats the point staying either side, when you can just go totally to either one at the end. This is also present in fable. you can be the evilest dude ever, and then go to the temple and give money to avo and become an angel. :thumbsup:

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Although I don't have the game, I hear its possible to go all DS and switch to LS halfway through the game. This way you can get DS characters to turn LS like Hanharr (big hairy wookiiee... or so I've heard). I thought the temple encounter was kind of unrealistic aswell...

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The entire conversation with Bastila on the Rakatan Temple on the Unknown World was stupid. The dailog should have been based on your current alignment.


Pure light only has lightside options.


Middle light has lightside options but a spec of thought of the other but it is difficult to choose the dark path.


Only just on the lightside should allow you to either stay on the lightside or darkside just as easily.


Neutral is same as before.


Only just on the darkside is the same as before.


Middle darkside has a spec of thought on redemption but it is hard to choose lightside so pretty muc h only darkside options.


Pure darkside is only darkside options.


This is how they should have done it in KoTOR I, hopefully how they havel done it in KoTOR II and how they will do it in KoTOR III (my Kotorian instincts tell me there shall be a third).

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That's silly!  Think about it... Bastilla was purer LS and she turned on a dime while in Malak's custody.  It is possible for someone to Fall that quickly.  :blink:


It took a week :p


She said something like "...after a week of endless tortures..." some crap like that.

A week? The world was supposedly created in 6 days, a good slide to the DS should only take half that!

Another great idea by the people who brought you beer milkshakes!


"I don't see a problem...then again, SW isn't my life, so what do I know...." - some who makes 27.8 post per day on a SW forum!

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Well, since Bastila MANAGED to loose to the Leviathan Darth Malak then she deserved what she got.


HOW COULD SHE POSSIBLE LOOSE THAT BATTLE????? I almost had killed the son of a Sith, and she couldn't finnish the job?????

And by the light of the moon

He prays for their beauty not doom

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maybe she was prone to loosing things cos she didnt like them being tight


in response to what your post meant i agree, bastila was useless anyway, from the off i didnt like her, arrogant fugly byotch


you could easily fall to the darkside in ten seconds, think of the force like a diet, one minute your on the straight and narrow, one chocolate bar later your the spawn of satan.


chocolate bar darkside, chocolate bar darkside


still cant see ne difference guys!

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