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Have you ever noticed how console games get consistently better reviews than their PC counterparts?


Just check gamerankings.com:





Why do you think this happens?

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It might aslo have to do with consoles being a more "stable" platform so its easyer to make bugfree games so they dont get penalised for having bugs.


*shrugs* other then that I dont know...



Not really, if you look up KotOR (not 2, the first one, Bioware), the PC version got lower scores, while the Xbox got higher. There were also fewer reviews for KotOR. The Xbox version had more bugs too IIRC.

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Wherent both versions of Kotor quite buggy?

Also the lower pc score can easily be explained by the "been there done that" of having a later release.


But that doesnt explain why the average is higher for console games then pc games, when looking at games that just come out for one platform.

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theyre usually out first as well, so perhaps the pc version suffers from the "seen that already" bias.


plus i think much higher expectations due to the power a pc possesses.

I think you are right because Morrowind was already out for the Xbox and when Morrowind Game of the Year edition came out, it got a lower score then the regular one. They must not like repetition.

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