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Lucasarts finally has new screen of KOTOR2

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You should make one for Sion' date=' too. [/quote']

Well, his skin is terribly cracked so how about...

Darth Cracker

Better, Darth pieces of meat


Naw, it has to be one word. Like this:


KotOR I: Darth Amnesiac, Darth Jawless & Darth Pigtails


KotOR II: Darth Clownmask, Darth Cracker


One more for Darth... well, those who read spoilers know who I mean. Without spoiling anything - it

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Yeah, when I first saw the artwork of Nihilus, I was terribly confused about why a great evil and much-feared Sith Lord would wear *that.*


Sion is, of course, Darth Hatezombie (not my tag, swiped from someone who doesn't post here). Being kept alive purely by hatred? Gross.


Darth Pigtails is awesome!

I am following my fish.


A temporary home for stranded ML'ers

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The PC-version seems to have sharper textures(high-res) than the xbox, hopefully the framerate will be more fluid too.

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"I dream things that never were and say why not?"
- George Bernard Shaw

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- Friedrich Nietzsche


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Damn, he looks good. I'm going to enjoy impaling his head on a spike.


Someone is in the spirit :(


I do wonder though why they give the sith lords such stupid names. Nihilism means devotion to nothing but I dont see how that's related to his character but then again, I've never played K2. They'd be better of calling him Darth Syphilis if you ask me.


Just imagine :

He has the STD Infecter force power and the STD transmitting lightsaber, now that would be one to see. :)

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the femeale Sith Lady can be the Darth Bitch. :)


Well... could be. But I guess I still like her canon name better. Oh, we almost forgot about Bandon, the useless human clone of Darth Maul!


I wish he would have begged for mercy before you finished him off. I'm really unhappy that I didn't get the pleasure of giving him a painful death... :ermm::p

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