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Insanely Cheap WebHosting


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I wouldn't normally post any type of advertising because it's uncouth. I'm just trying to point out a really great deal. I use powweb.com for web hosting, and there is one day left on their sale.


2,000 mbs of space with ALL the goodies

150 gigs of bandwidth

free domain name

$7.77 a month, but you get 6 months free with a year, or 14 months free with 2 years.


2 years = $185 / 38 months = $4.90 a month for 150 gigs of bandwidth.


That's insane.



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Honest to God, I've been using the service myself and am really happy with them. http://projectfanout.com runs on them.


The webpage loads rather fast, and the forums use to run rather fast. I have to reoptimize the forums.


But most hosts give you like 5 gigs of bandwidth a month for $10.


If you do the two year plan, you're getting 150 gigs of bandwidth for $4.90 a month.


Even the one year plan works out well. $5.18 a month.


I've always been rather happy with them, and refer them, but the reason I'm posting about them now is because of the 6 free months, or 14 free months thing.

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I'm trying to talk Sarah into pulling some more money out of the bank account to register enderandrew.com for personal webspace.


I love powweb.com and this is a pretty good deal.


Then again, we have to pay a bunch of expensive immigration fees this month.


Sarah give the guy his money

Let him have his hobbie


that rhymes so it must be true

i am right through and through


slaps self stop it!

ok just this last bit

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