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Post play comments and suggestions: KOTOR II

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Hi. This is my first time posting. I had some comments and suggestions on KOTOR II. I know it is too late to change anything, but I thought maybe some of these ideas and concerns might be taken into account in future games.


I don't understand why the rather short (and in my opinion, fun) tutorial was optional, but Peragus was not. Peragus was boring and long and the player had to go through it before they could start making decisions- which was the fun part. I understand that Peragus was essential to the plot, but there must have been some way to get the plot across without having to go through the entire thing.


When T3-M4 finds the broken droid that helped him on the Ebon Hawk, he should have made one of those R2-D2 sad noises. That would have been a nice touch, IMO. I know that not all players would recognize the droid if they skipped the tutorial, but, as I've said before, I don't know why the tutorial was optional since you can't "jump straight into the action" anyway.


Also, I got lost on Peragus. For some reason, I had a hard time finding my way around the docked ship and going through the fuel line. I think the designers should have added a "locked door" feature to this level of the game that is used in many other games. This "locked door" would keep the player from back-tracking into unessential/not useful areas. Or they could have payed special attention to the map on this level so that it was easier to find your way around.


Citadel was another problem. The first time through I managed to finish most of the issues there without ever visiting the security office. At least visiting the office and getting the main plot out of the way should have been automatic. At the very least, they shouldn't of made you hunt for the office. It should have been located in a highly visible area right outside your apartment.


Of course, I have to mention the ending. A visual aid would have helped the enjoyment factor tremendously. I know that there would have to be a different scene for each ending element and maybe the game was shipped before everything was ready, but even a static or semi-static picture with Kreia's voice would have been nice. Maybe that wouldn't go well with the dialogue tree, but I don't see why that particular tree was designed that way anyway. Of course everyone wants to know what happens to their allies and what the effects of thier decisions were!


Influence- I really like the idea of influence, but it seems like there wasn't much influence going on. As far as I could see, influence was just a replacement for the timer used in games like Baldur's Gate 2 (great game). Other than jedi training and light/dark changes there wasn't very much going on. I was hoping that you could perhaps change how your characters behaved and behaved towards each other in a major way. Teaching jedi was a very cool feature, but subtle changes in your NPCs would have been absolutely great.


non-combat features- I thought the non-combat or at least the non-combat centric features were greatly developed in this game. However, I don't understand why the end of the game was a purely non NPC combat gauntlet again.


I loved the new features like dual strike feat, charisma combat bonuses, great uses for skills, and influence over your NPCs. Then the game ends in an NPC free zone that happens to be one long combat gauntlet. I doesn't make sense from a design perspective and I didn't enjoy it as a gamer.


I truly enjoyed the middle portion of the game. Some areas could have been better, but it far exceeded my expectations. I liked the skill uses, the multiple tasks building up to one goal, the attack on the settlement...really, I liked almost everything. But then the game started to end just when I was looking forward to seeing/doing more.


The inventory should have had a better sort feature. In RPGs, I tend to be a packrat and if I recall correctly, this inventory system was actually a step-down from KOTOR I. I don't understand why it was left like that.


Finally, Kreia should return her items. Is it realistic? No. But it really sucks when all your best equipment gets stolen by an AWOL for good NPC.


There were a lot of other things in this game I had problems with, but I assume that if Obsidian had more time to make this game, they would have been improved or resolved- just based on past work and interviews given by some of the members. I won't mention the issues here.


I continue to look forward to Obsidian's work and I hope they do a better job in the future. Portions of this game were absolutely fantastic! If anyone else has comments they would like to add, please feel free to post them here.

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Welcome to the community. I'm sure you have lovely points, but as soon as I detected the hint of possible spoilers, I had to stop reading. I haven't played the game yet.


The dev team does read posts here, and you'll find feedback is welcome and encouraged.


However, this is not the proper area on the forum for this post. I recommend looking over all the forum areas, reading a few FAQs, and then adding your suggestions and feedback to the community.

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LOL! Just finished KotOR 2 (gotta love a game that can maintain yas interest enough for forsake sleep and all else for 4 straight days!).


Overall id give it 9 outta 10 rating :)


For some reason the storyline just doesnt seem to flow as smoothly as the first one, having said that tho the story line is MUCH MUCH more advanced then the first one. They definately made this second game more mature in nature to allow for a more advanced storyline.


Obsidian made the same mistake Bioware did tho, many of the planets just dont seem complete because they limit you. At the least I would have liked to seen/had access to the areas that were available in part one (if one same planet of course). Game just seems to small in nature because of this. Of course it could just be a fact that im a huge fan of this series (KotOR series, not so much Star Wars in general) and am left wanting more always.


Up side is unlike the first one, the sequal to this one is already forshadowed at the end confrontation. If they do in fact go the route the story lays out, it should be a interesting and compelling part 3 :lol: *Note: Of course they could just make you play a different character next time around (create a new storyline to fit in this one again) so while the sequal stuff there dont take it as gospil truth*


So my suggestions are this

1) Make sure players have access to areas of same planet the other game (guess games if talking part 3 now) had. Could only be some NPC critters there even but please grow your universe with each game :p


2) Would have liked to see a cut screen movie at the end of game like was in KotOR, not just ship flying away.


3) This bothered me in KotOR1 and 2, why when on ship cant I attempt to repair a droid with the party member who has the highest repair skill. I usually end up doing the game with the same combat partners for the most part, and repair is not really needed for the adventuring aspect, but that leaves people on ship that can learn and utilize repair skill. (also being able to select a Different NPC character on ship would help greatly in organizing equipment and such!


4) hurry up with KotOR3 :p

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I really really really hated the darkside ending. Oh god how I despised that friggin ending. The darkside ending in KOTOR was cool and I walked away feeling like I conquered something with the aided visual but with this Im just like: HUH? THATS IT?? Maybe if they make KOTOR III I'll appreciate it more but GARRR Im angry fluffy bunny, very angry.

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All right, to you guys at obsidian, I say great job, despite some very obvious flaws, that this, and other KOTOR forums are loaded with.

I have been a very very in depth followed of SW from the time the movies came out way back when, and I consider myself a Jedi historian, I'm facenated with the developing past, and am very pleased with the history you gave surrounding Naad, Kune, the Qel-Droma's

the views were breath taking, and the story, (granted you did'nt let side quests confuse you) were very indepth, and personal, which is exactly what you need being a force user, it made you think about your actions.

Some suggestions for three*


A) a more indepth character creation. I point to some EA Sports creations, simple, and limited but you get what you want, or on the extream end, WWE games, very detailed face, hair, shape.

More than only human choices. I find it hard to swallow that the Jedi are all human, when in truth at any time the whole Jedi body is only about 20% human

More options on designing the hilt of your saber.


* I say this because a character you have more control making to your liking, the more you can be drawn into it and become attached to your character.


B) more worlds.

* during this time Aldereaan, and corellia were becoming powerfull, and lets not forget that Yavin four is the sceen of several of the most important events in ancient Jedi History, the Massassi, and the true Sith (the Species Sith) and the dark magic/alchemy. and the location were Exar Kune was defeated by the Jedi, led by Nomi Sunrider


C) If you do get the contract for three, please guys, givin the potential talent, and great writers you have TAKE YOUR TIME. I can wait a bit longer if it means a more bug free smooth version. Don't cave in to demand too much, because the market is always there, hell if george can hold the movies four years apart and still get the big draw, then the game can go out a few months later.


D) X-box live compatible* simply put should a big series of issues pop up like we have seen, there is a quick simple solution,

also testing your ability in Jedi combat with others, perhaps a few good rounds of Pazzak, or sabaack and perhaps up loadable mini mission on the set worlds, nothing big, just things for fan boys and girls to do after the game is done. and character items, such as new costumes, and creation features


Thats my Idea, but as I said, besides the bugs an over all beautiful game

and yes I hope you do get to do a three

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