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2 twi'lek assasians

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With only his short lightsaber I had him totally work on 1 at a time, with melee shields, stim packs and med packs a flying... what really sucks is I couldn't loot the remains cause it jumped to his post fight cutscene of saying how things are gonna get reallly bad.


Real jedi's don't hide behind bars.


The hide behind giant space stations the size of small moons!!! muhahaahaaa

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Just before you start fighting them you can go into your use item menu and use all the stims and in my case med packs(He was still beat up from the fight on the ebon hawk with those guys who were made about me stealing their parking spot) you want.After that I just turned on a melee shield and started beating on them.Its tough because they use health packs alot but if you mantain your shield(and have a good def rating) its not too bad.

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