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What Do You Think Atris's Role Might Be?

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knowing that we are looking for jedi now. I think she is probally one of them and will end up being a big help if light, but dark she will be hard to kill. but then there are soppuse to be alot of twist to so that is probally nothing

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Atris and Ni had a relationship,Ni was drawn to the DS by the Female Sith Lord. Atris wants your help not only for sake of the galaxy but very personal reasons as well.




Or not...it's late. :lol:


I really dig your theory. It would make a nice subplot. However, I want you to be wrong, just so that I don't know too much of the story prior to playing it. :):p

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I bet you when some of us beat the game we will realize how close we were to figuring the whole game out...Unless by some slim chance there is something about the storyline we arent getting


Maybe it'll be like that movie with those guys you know, and when they showed the trailers the movie was totally different you know. you know? :)

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