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  1. I wonder how upset Obsidian is that they lost the title to Bethesda?
  2. Are you crazy? Wikipedia is one of the worst places to get information.
  3. ya i was thinkin tha same thing ! ! ! did any one read tha links i put on page 23 about starwars celebration IV ? ? ? Yes. I'm thinking KOTOR III and Battlefront III.
  4. No and no. You are missing the point entirely and adding in your own commentary. Let me try to be more clear so you can digest an easy statement. I have nothing against the EU that doesn't interfere with the films (his vision/his art). But the stories about Palpatine being resurrected are not only dumb, but they negate the entire point of his serial. Let me spell it out for you to make it easier for you to understand: Star Wars is about a Jedi Knight that rises, falls, and redeems himself. His final act, the most important act of the entire film lies with his redemption...him killing Palpatine and himself in the process. The Sith are gone forever, the prophecy fulfilled. When he allowed some bum writer to add the resurrection scheme to the mix, it negated his story ( his art and craft). Lucas allowed his art to become pointless to make a quick buck for whatever reason. I'm a writer and a filmmaker. Would I toil away at one of my pieces and then later let some idiot add another chapter that ruins my the entire thing? No. Would you? Once again, I am not against any of the EU that doesn't conflict with the films. The Palpatine resurrection fiasco directly affects the films. it makes them irrelevent.
  5. Let me be more specific. Lucas struck a deal with 20th Century Fox to own the rights to the merchandising. After the initial release of Star Wars in 1977, he made so much money off of merchandise that he didn't need 20th Century Fox or any other studio to complete his films, he still retained them for distribution only. In other words, from ESB on he had enough money from merchandising to bankroll any LucasFilm project he desired. He didn't need any more money from EU comics/novels/etc. As far as using EU to keep fan interest alive, you clearly weren't alive when Star Wars was released. That said, what I meant in my previous post was that he let other people taint his art (his story) with really bad sci-fi. I don't mind the EU that isn't related to the films. But to allow someone to make your art (his films) obsolete and pointless was due to greed over craft.
  6. Yes, it does. The real story is the movie serial. The EU is crap written by horrible writers. It's too bad that Lucas cares more about money than his art. Even if you include the EU, the Palpatine ressurrection crapfest is a new story.
  7. The best way to kill them is to run behind the bar. They won't follow you and you can pick them off pretty easily.
  8. They won't release a patch for the X-Box because it's not X-Box Live enabled. I've never had any problems with serious bugs, just frame-rate lags on occasion. To me, it's not a big deal. I do wish that they would have finished the game story-wise, however. It would have been nice to complete the arcs that were set-up with HK-47 and others. Oh, well.
  9. Yeah, Lucas Arts were in development on KOTOR III, but development was halted. My theroy as follows: 1. In development = pre-production, i.e.: story, character concepts, etc. I don't think it means that a company had been commissioned and were working on it. 2. They halted development until they know the specs of the X-Box 2.
  10. "I prefer KOTORI story, and I don't know where the post before me said, KOTORI has "much" less story flaw then KOTORII, and it has much less bugs!" Fisrt of all, you may want to read what I posted. Second, I'm assuming you're trying to say, "I don't know why the poster before me said Kotor I had a better story and less bugs then KotorII?" If that's the case, then I must refer you to my first point. I never said that. I said that Kotor II's story was nonsensical and incomplete. It is. Show me an ending to the game in Kotor II. I can show you two in Kotor I. Also, Kotor I has a few bugs, but not as many and not as devistating. That said, I agree with you. I prefer Kotor I's story, but only because it is a complete story. Kotor II could have been just as good or better, but it fell apart and was too disjointed. Cheers!
  11. If KOTOR III is made, I would rather see Bioware make it. Obsididan may have been handed the torch, but they dropped it. Let alone all the bugs in the game, the story alone was nonsensical and incomplete. I knew from the moment that I saw the atrocious-looking menu that that Kotor II would be a bit off. I ignored all the cries about the horrible ending and gameplay, until I played it myself. All I can say is that I would not reccommend this game to anyone. I played Kotor I half a dozen times.Obsidian may shout "replayability" all they want, but I can't seem to replay it. The ending alone turned me off from buying an Obsidian title again.
  12. I find it amusing that my last game I found 5 Kaibuur crystals. My party rocked!
  13. I tried the Hssiss exploit. My problem is that my FP do not regenerate at all. I guess I need some armor or items that can regenerate FP?
  14. Atton, Bao Dur, Handmaiden, Mira, Disciple. Kreiea and Visas are already Jedi. Mandalore, Hanharr, and the droids cannot become Jedi.
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