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Maybe you were just not playing Jolee in the right fashion.  I used Jolee a lot because he could do a lot of different things and quite easily held his own in a fight.  With Stasis Field and Destroy Droid, no one could stop him.  Fights in which I had him in my group ended within 2 to 3 seconds. 


A straight soldier, scout, or scoundrel could not do that.  You lose.


Spare me. I know all about the wonders of Destroy Droid and as to the Stun force line it isn't all that good in comparison to competition, unless you have a Scoundrel in the party or the PC is part Scoundrel. Anyway. In my experience, Jolee went down quite quickly, particulary in the scripted ambushes that KOTOR1 liked to indulge in. Even if you monitored his actions turn-by-turn, it was often a job to keep him alive through an encounter. I never had such problems with soldiers. Yes, perhaps the fights took a little longer, but in the end everybody was standing without any special effort from me.


Morever, I found it much easier to take a soldier through the Starforge than either Bastila _or_ Juhani. Didn't even try with Jolee, because it's guaranteed to be pretty aggravating. Granted, Juhani's force jump worked against her in that context, but the plain truth is that all those additional resistances and bonuses that a soldier can get through good armor, headgear, maxed out implantat feats and a couple of other feats really do tell.


All this applies to the "hard" difficulty, of course.


P.S. GarethCarrots, of course your Jedi class didn't affect the story. But then, your starting class didn't either. And it is relatively rare that your starting class affects the main quest to any significant degree. Usually you have just to fight through it, and KOTOR is no exception (yes, I know that the FOs and PST were).

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Only in the pnp the Jedi can use the Force to solve a lot of situations outside combat too, while in KotOR you are forced to have a relatively weak role-playing character if you want to have a killing machine.


I don't know about that. My Scoundrel/Counsuler was a very effective killing machine and had the skill points to to even have high ranks in cross class skills let alone class skills.

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KotOR will never be a great CRPG series.


I'd just like to point out how wrong this statement is. :-"

http://www.lucasarts.com/products/swkotor/awards.html :thumbsup:


Those are just glorified paper weights and pretty much means nothing. Wait five-seven years and see if people are still talking about it. That is how you determine a great game series.

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Maybe I am just a better player than you.  Who knows?  :-"


Um, yes. The Jedi are so overpowered that you need to be... drumroll.... a _skilled_ player to use some of them effectively, while you can let a dumb soldier run on AI to achieve the same result. Move along, children, nothing to see here ;).

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