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Ok, Lets see if this works!

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Three Dev, Three Sith Lords hmmmmmm.

Very interesting

People laugh when I say that I think a jellyfish is one of the most beautiful things in the world. What they don't understand is, I mean a jellyfish with long, blond hair.

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Muhahahahahaha! God i'm boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! :lol:

"Your total disregard for the law and human decency both disgusts me and touches my heart. Bless you, sir."

"Soilent Green is people. This guy's just a homeless heroin junkie who got in a internet caf

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the devs are not sith lords they are merely dark jedi puppets being used by Darth Lucas and his Apprentice Darth Gates.

the force is what gives a jedi his power. its an energy field created by all living things. it surrounds us and penetrates us. it binds the galaxy together

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The scene is Lucasarts headquarters. Rows of Stormtroopers line up to greet the arrival of the sith master. Darth Lucas kneels to greet his lord......


Darth Gates: "Rise my friend".


Darth Lucas: "The sith lords will be completed on schedule, for the x-box."


Darth Gates: "You have done well Lord Lucas. And now I sense you wish to continue your work on the pc version."


Darth Lucas: "Yes my master."


Darth Gates: "Patience my friend. In time when my profits are high enough you may publish it. And when you do you will bring it before me. I will ensure there are no extras and my x-box sales will increase."


Darth Lucas: "As you wish my master."


Darth Gates: "Everything is proceeding as I have forseen."

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