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Anybody ever have an Intellivision? ...


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And if so what were your favourite games for it?

A friend of mine had one, but we only played baseball... oh wait, and there was a submarine- or naval battle-type game too. I thought the Colecovision had better graphics for the most part. Zaxxon was great on the Colecovision.

I took this job because I thought you were just a legend. Just a story. A story to scare little kids. But you're the real deal. The demon who dares to challenge God.

So what the hell do you want? Don't seem to me like you're out to make this stinkin' world a better place. Why you gotta kill all my men? Why you gotta kill me?

Nothing personal. It's just revenge.

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I never personally owned an Intellivision, but a friend of my father's did. My dad and his friend often got together to wargame, and I always went along. I don't recall a lot of games for the Intellivision, but it was good fun. There was a D&D game for it, I believe, or at least a similarly-themed game, that I quite liked.


The Colecovision (which another friend had) was indeed superior in graphics to the Intellivision. As I recall, the Colecovision was the graphics machine at the time.

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There was a D&D game for it, I believe, or at least a similarly-themed game, that I quite liked.

The Intellivision D&D game was fun. It started with an overland map that had a variety of obstacles between you and the end dungeon. You could enter a series of randomly generated dungeons (overhead map view). Your only weapon was a bow and arrows (you started with a whole 3) which only shot in the 8 keypad directions, although they would ricochet off the walls (and bounce back and kill you if you're not careful). The enemies ranged from bats, rats (both easy), snakes (very fast), and such up to dragons. There were also slimes (red blobs) that were indestructable but very slow (had to lure them out and run around them). In the dungeons, you would find items to help you, like more arrows (there was no display of your arrow count-- you hit a button and it made a ticking noise as a count), keys (for the gates on the map) and an axe (so you could pass through the forests). I believe the final dragon guarded a crown.


I also quite enjoyed a bomber game called "Mission X." It was kinda like the later NES game "1941," except that you were mostly dropping bombs on enemy targets and dodging flak (enemy fighters came along once in a while).



Ahhh... Pointless nostalgia...

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I had an Apple IIe, it was the computer competitor for the NES. It had Zaxxon, it was a pretty cool little game, as well as Super Mario Bros., Spy Hunter, Karateka and ilk. But my favorite game of all time and the one I've found the most addicting to this day, was Loderunner, I&II, had them on either side of a one of the floppy diskettes (the f*cking huge ones). I was overjoyed a few years back, when I found it in an online store where they give you 10 or so games for the price of shipping plus $2 because they couldn't sell the things, but alas, it wasn't the original, it was a terrible revamped one that they tried to make 3D and failed miserably at. Somethings just weren't meant to be in 3D. :rolleyes:

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