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ABC Miniseries....The Lost

Child of Flame

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Some notes.


Walt's dialogue when played backwards is clear as day. He said:

Push the button no the button is bad



There is a symbol on Desmond's uniform, on the wall, and on the computer. Click here to see the symbol.


It is a bagua which again brings up reoccuring themes of black/white, ying/yang, etc. However, it also applies to navigation, martial arts, creation myths, heaven and earth, all kinds of things.


However, then looking up info on bagua, I found this quote.


The most important concept is change. Change is the only thing that is constant is the universe. The Yin will become Yang and Yang will become Yin. In the extreme of Yang, Yin is incubated. Within the extreme of Ying, Yang is born. This is the forever change of life, universe and everything.


Something sticks out... "In the extreme of Yang, Yin is incubated. Within the extreme of Ying, Yang is born." Perhaps Aaron (named afted Aaron from the book of Exodus in the Bible, given that the title of the episode was Exodus) was born the ultimate good, born in such an extremely bad place?


The island is definitely a place of change. Perhaps the placement of the island, the hatch, everything is the perfect location for whatever it is that happens there.


The mural is no doubt important. Looking at various screencaps, I can see a sick person, a plane crash, some houses, "I M SICK", and 108 written in the sun.


What I'm wondering is if anyone here speaks Hebrew. Has anyone here seen the movie Pi? In Kabbala, each letter of Hebrew alphabet is tied to a number, and when you add the letters/numbers together you get a word.


4+8+15+16+23+42=108 - 108 is a huge number in spirituality (among Jainists, Hindus, Chinese mythology, Kabbala, etc), and it is clearly displayed in the season premiere. Now if anyone here knows Hebrew, do the letters for 4+8+15+16+23+42 make a word? (I realize it may be nothing as there aren't 42 characters in the Hebrew alphabet, but for the little I know of Kabbala, 16 is actually represented as 9+7 for whatever reason as Hebrew, and 42 may be two number/letters in Hebrew for all I know).


Also one of the newer theories I've heard is in relation to the Philadephia experiments in real life. Here is a quote on the real life Philadelphia experiments:

Some scientists have developed the theory that the Navy was working on a way to make the ship invisible to vision. However, it didn't involve warping space time or any complex task of a similar nature. This theory suggests that the Eldridge was equipped with high frequency generators that would heat up the surrounding air to cause a mirage, making the vessel invisible.


This phenomenon is naturally occurring, and there have been cases where entire islands have disappeared from view in the right weather conditions. The high frequency generator would heat up the surrounding air and the water (creating a green-colored fog that was said to have engulfed the ship), causing a mirage to form, concealing the ship from view.


The generator would also account for the sickness (physical and mental) of the crew after the experiment. A high freqency generator can cause serious harm to a person's wellbeing, especially at close range. This is more plausible than the degaussing theory, and would also explain the crew's sick condition as a result of the test.




The theory is that light has to be bent around the ship to make it invisible. To accomplish this, the Navy wrapped the ship's circumference in wire and passed a measured current through it. This caused a huge oscillating magnet to form a magnetic field around the ship, not only bending the light, but space and time as well. The physics of the experiment are reminiscent of Einstein's Unified Field Theory that once you bend light, you are also unwittingly bending space and time as well.


And lastly, click here to see what is REALLY in the hatch!

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I heard alot of that touched on in the AICN talkback, but thanks for the link and details. I never really thought of the ying/yang and the quote "There are two players, one light, one dark" together until now.


The last link, priceless


I don't see how you see the Philadelphia experiments play into this, tho I'm curious.

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Two things i noticed while watching again:


The number on the vials that desmond takes is CR 4-81516-23-42.


When desmond wakes i believe he is typing "the numbers" into the computer.


These have prolly been discovered by the nerd community. Ignore if you already know.


Did not. Good find.


they may be taking this "numbers" thing too far :huh:

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Abrams was always VERY specific with Alias. The show eventually jumped the shark, but everything shown or mentioned in any episode became meaningful. Small actions and subplots that seemed ignored, reared their heads later.


The fans dissect every episode and Abrams crafts each episode with precision respectively.


The producers insist the numbers have meaning, but they are no pattern that we would know about currently. Thus far there has been great foreshadowing and great attention to detail by the show's creators.


Watch the DVDs and you'll see small details over and over again hidden in the background, such as Hurley's arrest being show in the background as Jin breaks into someone's house in Korea. These aren't accidents.


Do the fans go overboard? Maybe.


Here is an example or two or three.





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Abrams was always VERY specific with Alias.  The show eventually jumped the shark, but everything shown or mentioned in any episode became meaningful.  Small actions and subplots that seemed ignored, reared their heads later.


problem is that he waits so long that no one cares anymore. Remember, I had a "Alias" avatar for like 3 years.

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Damon and JJ both insist they have a 4-5 season plot arch with all the major events. For instance, Damon said at the end of season 2 we'll know how and why the plane crashed.


They also said that when they did the pilot they knew they wanted to end the season with the hatch, but didn't know all the details of the season up to that point.


The show has been consistent, so I think they do have an overall plan.

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I thought lost was supposed to be a one season only show? :huh:




..and Alias sucked from day one.

DISCLAIMER: Do not take what I write seriously unless it is clearly and in no uncertain terms, declared by me to be meant in a serious and non-humoristic manner. If there is no clear indication, asume the post is written in jest. This notification is meant very seriously and its purpouse is to avoid misunderstandings and the consequences thereof. Furthermore; I can not be held accountable for anything I write on these forums since the idea of taking serious responsability for my unserious actions, is an oxymoron in itself.


Important: as the following sentence contains many naughty words I warn you not to read it under any circumstances; botty, knickers, wee, erogenous zone, psychiatrist, clitoris, stockings, bosom, poetry reading, dentist, fellatio and the department of agriculture.


"I suppose outright stupidity and complete lack of taste could also be considered points of view. "

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Alias borders on melodrama, but personally I think good actors made it work. The concept of the show is flat-out silly. There is no denying it.


Yet every single person I showed the DVDs to kept saying "one more episode!"


The cliffhanger formula, action sequences, etc. are good enough to keep an audience hooked anyways. Jennfer Garner gives empathy and credibility to a pretty incredible character.


Season 3 wasn't quite as good because it lacked the tension and danger, not to mention suspense. They foreshadowed the villian, and then gave it away early in the season anyways. So you waited all season for a brief showdown that was pretty anti-climactic.


Then Season 4 flat out abandoned the whole serial-cliffhanger formula and meta-plot for random badguys of the week.


Didn't people realize that is why X-Files lost fans?


Damon and JJ talk about how they realize fans got impatient on Alias with nothing really revealed so perhaps they have a much better perspective on how to handle Lost.


I don't think I'll watch Season 5 despite people telling me the Season 4 finale was pretty good.

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Season 4 might not have sucked so badly if...


a) Every episode we didn't hear Sydney say: I don't trust you sloane, I'll never trust you sloane, you're evil, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! My hate for you is a hatefully flowing river of hateful hate!


b) It hadn't jumped the shark several times.

-1) Puking vampires :thumbsup:

-2) Irradiated Daddy :)

-3) Yet "another" Durevko.. this one spanish... aren't they Russian? :)

-4) The constant... omglolerz sloane cannot be trusted roflmaocopter :wacko:

-5) Doing everything to avoid Rimbaldi... only to do a 180* at the end :wacko:

-6) Using Vaughn's dead dad as a lame plot device. :wacko:


And finally......



My name isn't really Michael Vaughn
wtf? :wacko:
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I can't say that I've watched an entire episode of Alias in one sitting. I'm not a huge Jennifer Garner fan. I did, however, enjoy watching Felicity. Yes, I know I'm too manly for my own good. It's a curse.



Hey only forty more minutes!!!


Jaguars4ever is still alive.  No word of a lie.

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