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New option min-challenge

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Hm, Pazaak competition would be nice I guess, with entrance fee etc. As long as it's mrore interesting. I think Sabaac would have more depth, though I have no idea how to play it. Lando lost the Falcon to Solo over a game of Sabaac.

Spreading beauty with my katana.

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And let me use the force during Pazaak tournaments.




Imagine using Force Persuasian or Force Choke to force the opponent to make a bad play or for that matter just using the force to cheat.

That would be boring. There's no challenge in that,unless of course you really needed some credits,then it would be a handy feature to have.

I do like FireWolf's idea of pushing Jawas out the airlock though,now that sounds like a fun game. :D

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