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Time Limits

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Pretty simple, this idea.


Some missions should have a time limit. If you don't achieve the objective, you get blown up or overwhelmed by an unbeatable number of soldiers. Or a plot-critical character is executed before you can save them, or escapes from execution at your hand.


I didn't like it in KOTOR how you could leisurely scavenge your way through enemy corpses and storage bins, even in critical situations, like on the Leviathan.


Timed missions would add real tension and drama to the game. Excessive scavenging would be a risky proposition when there's a timer ticking down, and if there was some sort of reward for an exceptionally quick time, it would create a further dilemma. The plot could take different turns, depending on your speed.


And it's like the films.


Possible problems:


Just maxing out force speed and running through the mission, ignoring the enemies. Some sort of game mechanic would need to be worked out to make this an unwise course of action; enemies blocking the corridor, for example, or having to deactivate a shielded area.


It's not very 'RPG-like'. I don't care much for the conventions of the RPG genre, but some might object to what could be called 'twitch' gameplay.

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I would think that timed missions would be bad for an RPG style game. Time limits are standard fair for action games, but might get frustrating when applied to a game where one's mind isn't gear to thinking in limited time increments.


However, I like the idea of time as it relates to the next series of concequences. It could be applied, instead of a time limit do-or-die scenario, as a means to generated a series of encounters or events. Say you spend a little too much time lingering around the corpse pile...corpses attract critters...some critters are big nasty critters....As you're poking around, you're suddenly pounced on by a big hungry critter who decided he wanted his dinner still wriggling. This type of time-controlled event would fit quite well into the RPG style of play. In fact, it would closer resemble the PnP style of play, where the controller is constantly rolling for chance encounters.

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I can see his argument from both points.


On his side: yeah... it kinda takes away from the realism a little when you are desperately trying to escape before the dark lord arrives, and oh... look at that... another storage bin... hmm... cool... more repair parts and a ion rifle. That makes 23 ion rifles now. Ok back to the task at hand. RUN!!!!


On the other side: timed trials probably aren't the way to go... especially for RPG's. It isn't like in life (even in the sw universe) that you'd just implode if you didn't meant a time limit.


It is probably too early in gaming still to suggest this, but instead, it would be cool that you definately could take as long as you wanted to perform tasks... but at a consiquence. For example... if you hauled ass... you could escape the ship before the dark lord arrives, but if you took your time... he'd get there and you'd have to face him. Those kind of things. Also, a realistic day/night effect would be cool too, where interactions with things/people/etc. were different at night than during the day. A true realistic feel. But that's probably still way in the future. But it'd be cool.

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Let's not complicate things more than neccesary. I'm against time limits. There are other issues more important (like bigger worlds or force powers)


Nur Ab Sal was one such king. He it was, say the wise men of Egypt, who first put men in the colossus, making many freaks

of nature at times when the celestial spheres were well aligned.



This I doubt. We are hearing a child's tale.

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Actually time limits would be pretty keen. I remember the old Bard's Tale 2 and the infamous Snares of Death trap rooms. In each of these rooms was an item you needed to retrieve and if you didn't solve the puzzle here in a certain amount of time, the enitre party was killed.


We need more of that hardcore action in our CRPGs. Today's CRPGs are just a bunch of panseys.

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Time limits sucks, every time and everywhere. That's Old School design, and every self-respected designer should avoid this trap, the same's for silly jumping puzzles, where you can fall down into a pool of lava.

There're better ways for creating some tension... like a very tough and well balanced difficulty and events that forces you acting efficiently... but time limits... that's the evil and non-enjoying way.

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Time limits would suck.


When I play these types of games, one of the things I enjoy doing is travelling around and finding every possible little nuance the game has given you. I don't want to have to skip over a small section of the game just because I have to make it to a certain point at a certain time.


MAYBE if it's implemented where you're in a Sith base and you're against 5 Sith soldiers, but they hit the alarm. If you complete your objective before the "time" runs out, you only have to face those 5 Sith soldiers. But if the time runs out, back up arrives and now you have to face 10 additional soldiers. In other words, it gets harder, but it doesn't get impossible like the original poster stated.


But like I said, I enjoy investigating everything within a particular section of the game. I don't want a time limit rushing me.

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Maybe you get a really good item if you finish something within a time limit? I agree there should be at most aggrivation (fighting troopsers) if you fail the limit, but no death. However, I do think you should be rewarded for good times. This would add challange to the game (I'd want to finish as fast as possible to get the special saber crystal or the weapon of the best sharpshooter ever.

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