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Let me state for the record that none of this has been confirmed and considering game mags don't always have their facts exactly right this isn't 100%.


In the new GI it states that the 6 Jedi Classes will have different combat styles. Now if that means the new classes light and dark being separate or the 3 original and the dark/light new classes together it did not say.


It also stated that one of the new saber colors is going to be Silver. Now the screen shot that it was stated in was one of the character fighting a robot that was blowing up making seeing the saber rather difficult so it's hard to tell.


Another screen showed a new female face,white with blond hair tied into a pony tail that was cut so the tail ended flat. She also had black lip stick.


A screen showed what might be a new stance with dual sabers. The person seemed to be holding both sabers so the blades were towards the ground.


There were also a few screens that were not up at lucas arts.

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For a game you have 'no interest in'; you sure pay a lot of attention to, Visc. :o


You probably already have it preordered. :(


As for the article; nothing special there. :ph34r:


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I'd never seen anything out on what the new colors were going to be,and few of the screens were somewhat interesting. So I posted it up,if it wasted your time by reading then I'm sorry. Not everyone has seen it however nor are you the only person in here. Wasn't meant to offend/piss off anyone. Simply posting something that may have not been seen.

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