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Did the Jedi Have it Coming?

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The Jedi Order existed for thousands of years. And they have always been looked upon as the guardians of peace and justice throughout the galaxy. But, there are many occasions where the Jedi's highminded approach to all things has lead to the elmination of entire cultures and the primary catalyst for truly terrible wars. Exhibit A: The Mandalorian Wars. Exhibit B: The Great Schism Exhibit C: The Clone Wars. There are others, but those three seem to be the most striking. In each case, the Jedi either didn't get involved until it was almost too late, or just flat out didn't see it coming.


By the era of TPM, the Jedi were, in Lucas' own words, invincible. They thought the Sith had been extinct for a millenia and had no equal. All it took was one powerful Sith Lord and his apprentice to not only fell the Order, but morph the entire Republic into an Empire.


So in light of this, did the Jedi engineer their own destruction? Was complacency and arrogance the main reasons for their demise? Even Yoda mentions this in AOTC, about the Jedi becoming to sure of themselves, even the older more experienced ones. And this also pertains to KOTOR and KOTOR 2. Carth said that if Revan had not intervened into the Mandalorian Wars, the Republic would have fell right then and there. And then look at how the Council manipulated Revan to find the Star Forge.

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I always got the impression that Lucas tried to drive that point home. Though, we haven't seen the whole story.


There's the lost 20.

The council debated trianing Anakin.

They remain uninvolved in so many affairs, and place great important on small affairs.

They're too involved in politics.


Anakin brings "balance" to the Force somehow. I think the Jedi and Sith both needed a purge.

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"Bringing balance to the force" was dead on. Except that the moronic Jedi thought balance was a good, moral thing. Balance doesn't give a crap about concepts like good and evil, in fact, it lacks the very faculties required to be able to "give a crap" at all.


They ended up with 2 dark side dudes (Vader and Palpatine) and 2 light side jedi(Yoda and Obi Wan). That's balance for ya. Then Luke showed up and again, Anakin brought "balance" to the force by taking out Obi Wan.


And after yoda died, Anakin brought balance AGAIN by chucking the emperor into that pit. Then he croaked.


So the prophesy was right but the Jedi interpretation was totally wrong. So yes, the Jedi had it coming because they were stupid.

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The Jedi have always been blind to the dark side. Take KOTOR for example, the Jedi don't notice when your pc has turned to the dark side. Also your pc can lie to them and they can't tell. It's not that the Jedi had it coming, its just they were too blind or ignorant to see reality.

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