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Suggestions for more building options.

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I am a gamer that loves to create and build. Grounded has a great building system but it could be even more awesome with some new building pieces I wish we had.

-We have horizontal half walls, what about vertical half walls? For any wall type and even for the current horizontal half walls, making them quarter walls. Sometimes I don't want to entirely close off a space but still have some sort of devider.
-And sometimes I feel a bit limited with the stairs, or don't feel like having greens stairs in my builds that don't use any grass. Stem stairs and half stairs would be pretty neat to have too.
-Let's talk about the stem half wall and let's be honest, it's a great railing but as a wall.. it doesn't blend into the full stem walls for let's say, when you make a tower of specific height.
-How cool would it be if we could provide more detail and structure to our bases with horizontal beams, this is mostly an aesthetic request.
-Next up, roofs. My castle outpost towers of 1 square look a bit silly with the dome pieces, but other than the flat roof piece, nothing really works for it. So I'd love to see the dome piece but squared. Also the peaked pieces, there's no triangle wall pieces that fill in the gaps that that roof piece has, just a little finishing touch.

And my last purely aesthetic request: being able to paint structures like the working bench and the production buildings

To whoever reads this, feel free to drop your idea's on this post!

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Love your ideas/points.

Half stairs would be lovely as I like the 1.5 wall height best but that results in some interesting stair/ramp combinations.  Of course that means we need half railings. We’d want half pillars as well.

I’d also like the triangle piece to fit together. 

The beams adding structural support would be nice actually. 

I would love to be able to make dyes/paint. We have different colored flowers but they are all the same currently when picked up. If they were separate items we could have some dye materials. There are some existing items that would also work like charcoal, blue berries, etc. I rarely go I the pond or haze after I do those labs so maybe some new materials for those areas. 

Another poster mention adding slides to get down from tall bases quickly while still being able to move objects (gliding cancels object moves) and frankly I loved that idea. 

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The missing roof piece (triangle to finish a peaked roof) really bugs me. It feels off to leave a hole there. Spend aged trying to fit everything possible in that hole.

Agreed on vertical half walls. When building random shaped enclosures in the woods, especially near objects like juice boxes, it would be nice to be able to add an extra grass plank to patch a hole. Or allow the walls to overlap with objects would be fine too. 

Dyes and half stairs would be awesome too. I like to build 1.5 storey houses because one floor height makes rooms feel too claustrophobic and low. Seems like a waste of materials to make double storey rooms just to add room height, but it's impossible to make the stairs work with half storeys. Stretching the wall pieces to taller proportions would also work. I don't know code so no idea how hard that would be to make.


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On 6/7/2022 at 3:12 PM, Alynxkia said:

Half stairs would be lovely as I like the 1.5 wall height best but that results in some interesting stair/ramp combinations.  Of course that means we need half railings. We’d want half pillars as well.

Absolutely agree with this as I love the spiral stairs but hate how 2 of them forces you to open the next floor section in the opposite direction of where you intuitively want to build (360° instead of the 180° a single staircase does).  Having a half option would open up a lot more aesthetic options by opening on a 90° turn at 1.5 walls high.

On the topic of pillars, I wish they anchored on the actual corner points and not the quadrant on a square building framework. This would give 9 snap locations instead of the current 4, and aesthetically better align with the building pieces, (i.e. putting scaffolding on top of a pillar makes look like it is floating currently because they visually don't connect).

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16 hours ago, haines89 said:

How about a bug powered lift (think hamster wheel) to get to the top of towers faster rather than building endless flights of stairs. 

After I complete a tower, I add an "elevator" on one side that gets me to the lowest level of my outgoing zip lines.

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Couldn't agree more on vertical half-walls.

I also love other suggestions - half-stairs (I build stores at 1.5 height just as the person above), more anchor points for pillars, and vertical triangle. But vertical half-walls is a must IMO.

I'm not sure what else we could do for the devs to hear this, but I really think those things should be in game.

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Can we get the following building peace's?

Stem quarter. Half wall 

Sprig / acorn quarter fence, curved quarter fence 

Icons for each item in the game or name chests

half and quarter clay/pebblet foundations

Quarter floor peace's

The ability to hook stem and grass planks to the zipline 

The ability to hook a chest to the zipline

The ability to carry stem/grass planks on the zipline 

Clover/feather triangle peaked roof peace, to fill that gap on the peaked roof peace 

A respec potion for the milk molars

A speed potion 



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More thoughts...

Allow the stone arch to be placed at a 45° angle and not just 90°.

Yes to half walls, and half roof pieces too (both vertical and horizontal).

Fix the feathered corner roof piece to actually overhang and cover a corner (as it actually is just a curved roof piece). Either make both a true corner and a curved roof pieces, or widen it at the corner enough to cover the large gap that is created. 

Allow more wall and other pieces to overlap/phase (not give the "location obstructed" message) with curved walls, and stone arches, to better aesthetically connect, build, and close gaps. 

Yes to beams for design and structural purposes (connecting two arch walls at the top for example).

Add a curved arch opening, stone door frame, curved crenelated half wall, and stone stairs (maybe make these L-shape).

Not saying we need Valheim levels of options, but a bit more flexibility with what we currently have, and addition of a few key perceived missing pieces would really make the sandbox feel complete. Thanks


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Hi! I have been playing Grounded since the beginning. I've been enjoying the creative mode recently and I am building a giant castle. While building I thought about how great it would be to have slides. I mean we are kids right. What if we had slide pieces in both straight and spiral! And of course a swing set. With the possible option to jump off at a high point 😁😁😁😁😁. That would be amazing.

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