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  1. There is a setting in actions menu (down arrow on d-pad by default) There is also a key binding under controller setup, which you can manually assign to some other key if you want.
  2. I play Grounded on XSX. There are tons of key bindings for controller in the game settings. However I couldn't find binding for photo mode - and that's literally one key I wanted to assign. The current method with radial menu is a bit slow and wastes those milliseconds that are sometimes needed for a perfect scene. That's strange, especially since on PC there is a separate key for that "out of the box". Please allow binding a separate key for photomode on Xbox.
  3. Couldn't agree more on vertical half-walls. I also love other suggestions - half-stairs (I build stores at 1.5 height just as the person above), more anchor points for pillars, and vertical triangle. But vertical half-walls is a must IMO. I'm not sure what else we could do for the devs to hear this, but I really think those things should be in game.
  4. The issue is the same as in this old post I'm playing latest version of Grounded on XSX
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