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  1. The missing roof piece (triangle to finish a peaked roof) really bugs me. It feels off to leave a hole there. Spend aged trying to fit everything possible in that hole. Agreed on vertical half walls. When building random shaped enclosures in the woods, especially near objects like juice boxes, it would be nice to be able to add an extra grass plank to patch a hole. Or allow the walls to overlap with objects would be fine too. Dyes and half stairs would be awesome too. I like to build 1.5 storey houses because one floor height makes rooms feel too claustrophobic and low. Seems like a waste of materials to make double storey rooms just to add room height, but it's impossible to make the stairs work with half storeys. Stretching the wall pieces to taller proportions would also work. I don't know code so no idea how hard that would be to make.
  2. I was just building a round base and to my surprised found no round floor and foundation elements. Definitely something to add to the game recipes.
  3. I think animating the physics for rain in this scale would be quite a challenge, and so would be surviving the ballistic effects of them for the characters. Sounds like fun, but I would prefer it to be confined to the sprinkler system rather than becoming a weather phenomena that would destroy houses and kill the character if not finding shelter in time.
  4. I also got the glue factory by returning the Hedge Lab chip, so that should unlock the Repair Glue.
  5. I have the same issue. I started building by the koi pond next to the juice box, cut down all the grass (stumps too) but it never grew back (its been at least a month in game time) . Kind of ruins good building spot when materials are so limited.
  6. I had individual items like torches and perishables disappear from the bins too (I have food spoiling set off so stuff shouldn't expire), but luckily not the entire bins/chests yet. That really sucks.
  7. Yes please! I want to play with my husband, but we only have one gaming PC. If that could be combined with an online co-op that would be perfect!
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