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  1. I agree. More lights. I'm still waiting on half hight stairs even more though.
  2. There is a quest to put a marker on top of the gas tank. But it is up to the player to walk close enough to the puncture in the tank to get the prompt that let's you know it can be plugged. Personally I don't want quests for everything. I like surprises. I wish they had not included burgle chip icons on the map. Having to find (stumble across) the bases was far more interesting in early access. I can understand your frustration with the burrs though. I too ended up googling their respawn rate initially and discovering they were locked unless you plugged the haze. I hate dealing with infected everywhere so I typically won't block it till very late game.
  3. All my wolf spiders are back where they should be now. I don’t know if you’ve explored the alleyway behind the sandbox in your current game but I can easily kill three orb weavers using a bow as they don’t move and there’s a fourth orb weaver stuck in the sandbox wall somewhere. The last one can move but can only attack via spraying webs. They do respawn but still have the stationary/stuck issue. I’m wondering if it’s just my game glitching there or if it’s across the board. Regardless of the technical bugs I do still love the game.
  4. I don’t see the bug reset feature in settings any longer. I don’t think it made it to 1.0. I don’t think the game was ready to lose that fix. The wolf spider I mentioned that was stuck is now missing. I’ll see if it respawns at some point but it may be like your orb weaver… fallen threw the cracks of the world… I do agree that normally you can hear them or see parts of them when they’re only slightly mis-spawned.
  5. You can find videos online that state ‘cardio fan’ doesn’t actually do all that much. It is possible that it is broken at this time but it might still be just ‘barely noticeable’ in regards to you stamina regeneration time. ‘Buff lungs’ should have giving a different result sprinting as you have 50 more stamina but keep in mind milk molar perks might be impacting things. In my own game I can state that marksman and Fresh Defense and several others are working. You might want to test a few other mutations and see if those are working or not in your game so you can make your complaint as specific as possible so it can be addressed better by the developers.
  6. They do respawn but I have noticed around the oak tree in particular they sometimes spawn inside of the branches or just under the ground and then they’re stuck there and continue to be there throughout your save file. I’ve had a wolf spider half stuck in the ground by the lab entrance for 20 odd game days at this point. Having one of the fuzz balls of death trapped works for me so I haven’t worried about fixing that. I think they still have a reset feature in the settings to make bugs respawn back to their typical starting locations but I can’t confirm that until later.
  7. There has been three wolf spiders around the oak tree for a long time now. I honestly can’t remember if there was only two during some of the earliest early access versions or not. Two of them are typically sleeping under the oak tree itself during the day and the other one sleeps in between the roots on the pond side of the tree. Just wanted to let you know that it’s not a crazy respawn thing. However if you kill one of the spiders there’s no guarantee that it’s going to respawn back where it typically sleeps (where you want to trap them) rather than somewhere along its typical wandering path. As I haven’t seen the code I’m thinking it just depends on the time of day that a respawns. The fact that you went with gates rather than walls means you can re-trap them though without having to destroy/rebuild. Edit: I forgot to mention that because wolf spiders track you if they come across your path, you can actually have a fourth wolf spider wander into the oak tree area. It will go back to it’s normal area though fairly fast though. Threw me off so bad when that happened. It actually occurred a couple times before I realized why a forth one was showing up at times then disappearing.
  8. I honestly never thought I’d be advocating for an extra hard mode (Yikes!) as I usually avoid that setting in games as it’s more tedious than fun half the time, (damage sponge enemies = longer battles but nothing else), but Grounded could be made more challenging in various ways besides that so I’m for an additional difficulty. The effectiveness of mutations could be lowered. Or mutations could take more levels (most of which require gameplay) to reach the max effectiveness. Armor and weapon upgrades could be less effective. More levels could be added to reach the current max levels. As IGNs suggested enemies could be more resistant to certain weapon types making it more critical for the right weapons to be used. The downside of this is we really would need more inventory space to carry more weapons with us. Minus pet inventory the developers have not seemed fond of expanding inventory slots. I am completely against adding increased aggro; especially for mosquitoes. I still want to be able to escape/avoid battle. I’m only for increased food and thirst drain if meals can stack and we can upgrade canteens further. I don’t mind having to plan/prep more but inventory space could make this difficulty super annoying. Tougher enemies could be in the labs. Maybe more orb weaver juniors or an actual orb weaver in the Hedge. (The quantity of spiders does not need to increase, just the difficulty of the enemy) The pond lab could have an ‘Intern’ in the final room; as in a lesser Assistant Manager. The Haze is actually pretty decent as is; especially if the other difficulties mentioned above are added. I’m tempted to say the Black Ant Hill is okay as is too. Enemy variety is it’s only real flaw but it makes sense why it’s limited. Good boss. The termite hill is…. Boring. It’s not that it doesn’t have enough enemies, it’s just not as much fun to explore as the labs… likely as it is not a lab. It has a boss unlike the red ant hill. I wouldn’t want more termites… maybe a few ladybird larva could be added to increase enemy variety. The red ant hill… it’s not a lab and there is no boss but have you ever watched TagTV play Grounded? A wolf spider got in the red any hill and the sheer chaos that resulted in makes me want to say that should be a thing that can happen; a wolf spider could track you inside. I will hate it, but appreciate it at the same time. The red ant hill seems set up for this kind of encounter as you can escape by dropping through the hole in the floor or by swimming in the tunnel … but you still only have one real exit so….good luck. I do think the wolf spider’s speed would need to reduced in the red ant hill as that is typically a new player area so a good portion of the time the player will not be ready to defeat that enemy type. As for a wolf spider stalking you into the black ant hill; the layout in some parts would make things easy for escape but in others areas you’d definitely need to be strong enough to kill it. Lots of dead ends to be trapped in. Lots of lab doors a wolf spider can’t fit through to let you escape. The termite mound is another area where you could get stalked but would likely need to be able to take out the wolf spider to survive. Those are just a few ideas on how ‘Yikes!’ Mode could exist without just making enemies be damage sponges. Sadly most of the ideas require far more coding than damage sponges so the feasibility…. Sigh.
  9. I'd love this as well, but last I heard/read there were no plans to implement this.
  10. If you go to the hedge you can usually get everything you need for tier II from the spider sacs in the branches. As the game prompts you go there for the lab so I don't think that getting to tier II is that bad for new players. (I'm pretty sure in the latest update it still prompts you but I have a small sliver of doubt as I honestly wasn't paying much attention to that part on my latest restart for the update.) There are also a couple spider sacs around the tree as well though new players will need be careful to avoid the orb weaver and wolf spider near by. The first stinkbug I get is usually the one in the dry grass by the log fence near the tree. If you get up on the fence you an snipe it easily and on the taller logs avoid the gas.
  11. Local Co-Op would be lovely. I do wish we could grow things besides mushrooms as I have an obsessions with farming games. While most miniature fruits and vegetables would be quite large compared to our size in game, some of them may be feasible. Thumbelina carrots are golfball sized. Kiwi berries are a bit bigger than a blueberry. Patty Pan squash is smaller than the apples cores we chop. Cucamelons look like watermelons for a Barbie doll. Asian Watermeal is actually a good size (pin head) and we do have a pond where it could grow. Tomberries are really small tomatoes. Personally I wouldn't want a mini-map. I find getting turned around and needing to find a higher vantage point more immersive/enjoyable. Frustrating at times, but it's an aspect I'd miss it if it was gone. An option to display a mini map would work for both gameplay styles.
  12. Love your ideas/points. Half stairs would be lovely as I like the 1.5 wall height best but that results in some interesting stair/ramp combinations. Of course that means we need half railings. We’d want half pillars as well. I’d also like the triangle piece to fit together. The beams adding structural support would be nice actually. I would love to be able to make dyes/paint. We have different colored flowers but they are all the same currently when picked up. If they were separate items we could have some dye materials. There are some existing items that would also work like charcoal, blue berries, etc. I rarely go I the pond or haze after I do those labs so maybe some new materials for those areas. Another poster mention adding slides to get down from tall bases quickly while still being able to move objects (gliding cancels object moves) and frankly I loved that idea.
  13. I've never considered building in this area so I don't know the difficulties beyond what you mentioned, but perhaps we could have an option like the smoothie stations. When we make a smoothie we choose different base materials for different effects. Perhaps a flame-retardant spray or material option could be used on regular build objects. As for the source of the material... I'm looking at you Ladybird larva and Ladybirds who should totally not give the same materials as regular larva and ladybugs. If we go this route of adding effects to regular build objects I want citronella to make my base literally repel mosquitos.
  14. I've had red or black worker ants suddenly agro when I had not been killing ants, stealing eggs, or triggering any solider ants to attack. It usually happens to me when exiting the abandoned ant hill or by the shed. I've had it happen when just walking around the map though far less often.
  15. I restarted for this update and I have to say I don't think jumping change my experience much once I realized it was added. The initial realization ended badly... it involved the oak tree roots and a wolf spider. Sigh. But after that I simply found higher and/or less accessible points to escape to across the map. It helps that if you are at a certain distance from them insects don't try to jump... unfortunately this also makes them easy picking once you have a bow and arrows. Stay close enough to keep them at a ledge but far enough that they won't leap and you can pick them off with ease. Regarding early gameplay though, I was a little sad to lose some of my usual safe spots, but it wasn't a big deal. When we first played Grounded ourselves we had to figure out what objects/heights were safe from which insects. New players will have to do the same thing... though they will have less locations to choose from. As a common complaint I heard was that Grounded was too easy, I think adding the jumping was good idea. We all play differently though so I'm not against the player being able to chose jumping/non-jumping for insects.
  16. I would absolutely love to be able to build slides. It even fits with the fact that our characters are kids. I agree that if we could have both straight and curved slides that would be ideal. I'm sure straight slides would be easier to code, but with tall bases you'd have to build them fairly far out, (assuming we can't adjust the slope and that these pieces would be similar to the roof slopes), so in some areas being able to add curve piece or a corkscrew slide, (like the spiral stairs), would be better due to space.
  17. The balance of the raids is a bit off still needing far more resources for repairs than are gained from winning the raid. I'm sure some players don't feel that is the point of the raids, but if there is no point to winning then beyond the additional difficulty I will be turning off this feature. It's currently a novelty for me and it delays story progression as I need to work on my bases more (not a bad thing in my eyes as Grounded is fairly short when you know what to do). I need to play a bit more to judge this fairly I think. It would be nice if during raids you participate in you got a 'new idea' for a more advanced form of spike trap or turret etc. This would create a sense of progression as raids went on as you were able to build better defenses over time.
  18. Love this idea. I'd like to find a unique part for each function you listed and then need to use those as part of the upgrade.
  19. I'd be for that totem and any future totems having an area effect; especially now that base raids are added in. I watched a YouTube trying to see if using two or more would create some kind of invisible barrier that ants wouldn't cross and while that didn't work I thought it was cool idea. I think it would be okay for it to work that way during non-raids time. During raids though I think the effect would need to be changed to shortening the amount of time they attack for... so perhaps not everything would be destroyed. You can already build walls around aunt hill entrances which can greatly reduce the number of ants roaming the map so I don't know that it matters that totems could be abused the same way.
  20. I agree I like the longer respawn rate. Beating them was your own mini goal and the reward was safer hunting/building for a while. The jumping aspect definitely complicated/destroyed several of my old escape and hunting methods I am a fan of the new behavior. I’m sure if anyone had seen me I person when I realized several tree roots were no longer safe that I was hysterical. Several expletives left my mouth as I tried to last minute bolt after I thought I was safe. If I find one in my base though like LadyBugWins though I may not be a fan.
  21. I hate the mosquitoes. They are simply not fun at this point. Can we add citronella or something to act as a deterrent for ourselves our bases? Harvest the plant from the house porch pot maybe and use the grinder to make a paste? Create candles for the base? I don’t mind mosquitoes starting off as craptastic if I can eventually lower/negate the annoyance level. I like working towards things. If we can’t add in something like that they at least need to give up chasing you sooner.
  22. I agree the volume needs a bit work. I likely play with the game a little too loud, (I'm betting a fair portion of us do), so I might hear the quieter bugs... yeah I'm talking about you Wolf Spider. You go from sneak to banshee scream in a heart beat you fuzzy death ball. As a result though the loudest creatures sound downright obnoxious. The crow is by far the most annoying for me. When it lands near my bases I cringe on the inside. Mosquitos.... I really hate them so I'm almost grateful for their helicopter noise level warning me off but I still think it could go down a few notches. Just a little less of a difference between the loudest and the lowest noises would do wonders. I really like the night music. I also appreciate a lot of noises in my base. There is very homey feeling when you are building on the second floor and you hear the spinners stop so you go to change them out like it's laundry.
  23. I would love for the weevil shield materials to change as suggested. I end up with so many noses and would prefer to use the meat for food.
  24. I agree that upgrades to armor and weapons/tools would be nice reward for brain power. The current setup results in disappointment (at least for me) when you scan new materials only to unlock nothing new.
  25. I don't recall contact with a cactus in the sandbox causing instant death. Pretty sure it used to just cause some minor damage. Tested it a couple times this evening and a single touch killed me at full health with ladybug armor. Anyone know if this is an intended change, bug, or if my memory just stinks?
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