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I'd like to see this crew do a Shadowrun type game

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Does anyone else think it would be right awesomeful if they made a modern age CRPG with SNES style graphics, and use the resources and discspace saved in graphical design to make the world completely massive? I think it would be awesome, not to mention nostalgic, and have always wished they'd do a new Link to the Past (Zelda) game that way, but in that genre, you'd get people screaming about how poor it looked when stacked up against other games....but in a CRPG setting, with most of the gamers being older anyway, not to mention having their roots in PnP it might just work.


My $0.03 :)

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I'll still take the SNES Shadowrun over the Sega one, despite the Sega one having a better rules implementation.  The SNES one simply was more fun.  From a gameplay standpoint, you got to play both a Shaman and a Decker at the same time, despite it being against the rules.  Magic and Cyberware should not mix.

I actually found the Genesis version superior in most aspects. For one, combat was not strict to run'n'gun. You didn't had to stop, move that cludged up reticule to an enemy, and fire. The Genesis version had some fair realtime combat, helped by a good weapon variety, weapon mods, and magic.


Also, the Genesis' story was actually more well achieved. While you had to play detective in both, doing so in the Genesis version had actual consequences - the more you invested in the story, the more complicated your game could become (ie, if you meet Tabatha Shale, the Renraku Strike team leader will recognize you and alert Renraku of your existence... meaning you have an added chance of being engaged by Renraku Strike Teams when you go off making a run in their arcology, sometimes even outside of it. If, however, you delay your meeting, you can perform runs in Renraku without that danger). The Snes version was too adventureesque, and while it worked, sometimes having to run around looking for items for which to advance in the story wasn't all that fun.


The Genesis version also had a proper mission system. Ghoul hunts, package aquisition, extractions, cyberspace runs.... hell yes.


And the Genesis version had great cyberspace combat. Wait let me rephrase that: it had combat, period. The Snes version didn't had any semblance of combat, unless you count be pushed back by inviz thingies which you had to push a button to make it exploded!! combat :blink: Nothing beats going toe to toe with high level Tar Pits with half your deck's programs destroyed and no chance to jack out. Tension, was the name of the game.


The Snes version was fun, yes, but it pales in comparison to the possibilities the Genesis version presented.

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I think the Matrix was the lone saving grace of the Genesis verison. The rest of the RANDOMLY GENERATED fetch-and-kill quests were ridiculous and do not make an RPG in my book.


The combat system in the SNES game wasn't great. However, every mission was part on one coherent plot as opposed to random level grinding.


As far as creating a SNES-graphics RPG, there are lovely programs out there like RPGMaker2000, and RPGMaker2003 which allow you to easily create an RPG with SNES like graphics.

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