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- so for the umpteenth time I rushed killing Darzir so I could get Maneha ASAP, and like every time before I won only through the intense micro-management of my Cipher, except this time I had two. This fight made me realize lacking a serious frontliner is a real pain in this game if you don't wanna micro-manage a bunch of casters, and I really, really don't.

So how about it? What does a party that can do most/all content without needing a lot/any input from me look like? My brain says Fighter/Barbarian/Paladin/Chanter should be the core, but I can't seem to make a Fighter who doesn't just feel like dead weight, and the party never feels as robust as it seemingly should. Is there something I'm missing? I'd love to hear some tips and tricks on how to make effective parties with minimal micro required.

Play on Hard.

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5 minutes ago, jintegrity said:

Fair, but I generally play with the stock companions (realize I should have mentioned that). XD

You honestly just need a chanter and cipher in the party, Kana and GM are ok.

One thing I did not realize back when I made those 6 chanter vids, I did not have my chants set up correctly, so a single chanter can actually do almost the same dmg then those 6 combined did (Kana will do less, cuz not maxed Int and MI, but you can push him quite a bit with items and food ofc).

All you need to do is put dragon chant several times in a row in your edit chant window, that will stack them together even with a single chanter (the higher level the chanter is and more int they have the higher it will stack, up to 4 times)

For GM you really just need 2 specific things for an "afk" party before you fight your first dragon or even just spirits you need psychic backlash, because despite the description it procs infinite times per encounter.

And then if you have a high defense tank defensive mindweb will be super op, just get enough focus by alpha striking with twin stings and your whole party will be pretty much immortal if your tank has good defenses.

Those are tips to have a party with little micro, ofc you can do many more things with a cipher and the rest of your party, all depends how much micro you wanna do, if you want to do no micro at all, this will still carry you thru potd.

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Sagani is also can be quite Micro light character. If you build her into melee, then only thing you will need to worry is that she and pet attack one target. Very buff independent character, who manages to hit 0 recovery on modals and equipment alone

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