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about the benefit of damage increasing talents

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I'm a little bit confused about the benefit of the damage increasing talents in PoE:


While Savage Attack seems to be quite good (+20% at the cost of 5 accuracy),...

...vulnerable attack seems to be worthwhile only for builds using 2 Stilettos or a Blunderbuss.

Bloody Slaughter leaves me back confused, if this talent is any good at all - as it only triggers on enemies with less then 10% endurance?

While Apprentice's Sneak Attack seems to be somehow underrated, as you will get the trigger-conditions 90% of the time?





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Savage Attack is so/so. If your accuracy is way above enemies defenses it's good. If you have trouble properly hitting enemies it's bad. Good thing that you can turn it on/off as you like.

Vulnerable Attack is the same basically. It's not universally useful. But in certain circumstances it can be valuabe. If you can reach 0 recovery with Vulnerable Attacks activcated then it becomes universally useful of course. This is often the case with dual wielding setups. Not that DR bypass does nothing for lashes - so for certain classes/abilities it's not even that useful.
Blunderbusses need Penetrating Shot. Vulnerable Attacks only works for melee weapons. Everything that does multiple attack rolls with one strike profits from Vulnerable Attacks a lot more than single attacks (see Heart of Fury).

Apprentice's Sneak Attack is nice imo. It's not high but it has no drawbacks. It's easy to afflict enemies - if nothing else works you can always flank.

While Bloody Slaughter is nice in Deadfire it's really bad in PoE imo. It only triggers at 10% remaining endurance. Who needs some crit conversion and a bit extra crit damage against enemies that only have 10% endurance left? I can see it making a little sense with a character who does fast but low dmg rolls. Like with a stiletto or something. But even then I still wouldn't spend a talent point for it.

There's also Scion of Flame, Heart of the Storm, Secret of Rime and Spirit of Decay. Those not only work on fire/ice/etc spell but also on lashes. This means a Paladin who wants to max his Flames of Devotion damage should take Scion of Flame. It also raises the dmg of Sacred Immolation. If you wield Bittercut (with a corrosive lash) it makes a lot of sense to pick Spirit of Decay because it not only rases the lash from 25% to 30% but also grants a 20% dmg bonus to the physical dmg of Biuttercut because it's a weapon which primary dmg type is corrode. Same is true for Stormcaller + Heart of the Storm and Firebrand + Scion of Flame. If you want to use those weapons I would recommend picking those talents since they are like Savage Attack then without the drawback. 



Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Yes. Like the elemental talents (Scion of Flame etc.) those "hater" talents also work with spells. 

I made use of them in that "Witch Doctor" ranged Monk build. In that case there weren't many other dmg bonus talents that worked.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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