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Some simple, but necessary things like: 

- a hook and line for retrieving weed and grass stems back to shore when you just didn't quite make that fancy jumping maneuver  or

  you forgot that weed stems bounce like rubber balls when they sail down the zip line and land on a very flat, spacious rock, but still 

  manage to land in the pond anyway. (Even evading the two story towered wall that was built as an all-purpose catcher mitt near the edge. Sigh.)

-a couch.....a plump, purple couch to match the chair with the glorious option of being able to actually sit on it and enjoy some down time.

-capes.....all types, all colors. Raid the backyard in style

-more furniture to fill your spacious home and decorate your walls. 

-a candle to be placed on the clover table: dining by candlelight.....a must. (Bee's wax anyone?)

-a sling-shot.....not for killing, but to warn off little critters, and distract larger ones.

-pets.....if they play in you backyard and won't leave, then name them, feed they.....and they become non-aggressive friends.  


I'm sure other players and fans have their list as well. Feel free to join your ideas here. And .....have fun. :)




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Turtles, Owls, Mice, Minnows, Stepping stones in the pond (turtles would still suffice here), I really like the capes idea btw, a garden or garbage can where food is plentiful but it overrun with many pests, Black widows, Wasps, moths, moles, bats, slugs (use salt bombs to kill them?) Roaches in the hazmat zone. Just a few ideas, I would love color options and some customization of the characters clothing or the ability to create my own character but I enjoy these characters as well. Somethings don't make a whole lot of sense though, wolf spiders aren't generally poisonous per se, they have a venom that paralyzes their prey, so is should slow us down but not cause damage.  Granddaddy long legs is the most venomous spider in the world and that could be an interesting battle in the back yard seeing as they may pose the danger in this game. Also, a snake would be pretty interesting as well. I'd like to just see like a few random bugs by themselves that you don't typically see but could make for a great farming option to give the game more challenges and a little more of a grind to get some rare parts for unique items. I have really been hoping we would get binoculars you could make out of plant fiber and water droplets, or a scope for your bow. These were some things I thought of. I have ton's of ideas, but I'll let some other people input for now. Thanks for posting this thread I like the idea board!

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I think adding a Black Widow would be epic as the ultimate baddie, but only in a super reclusive area like under the porch. I really think that they should implement the Subnautica game mechanic where your water and hunger levels don't drop while you are sitting on a piece of furniture (maybe they already did that? - I haven't built any furniture yet to test it). 

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