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Some of the best places to build a base

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The spots you've detailed are really great, and I agree with the fact that these locations are very good.

However, there is one spot you should try: The Toad Swamp. In fact, the toad is located on an island.
There is:
_ food (mushrooms, gnats coming (too?) often, aphids...),
_ grass,
_ a lot of clay (on the island and underwater)
_ no spider (and since they can't swim)
_ clovers (like... a lot)
_ dry gras...

The Hedge and the Bird Bath are not so far. The underground field station (with the larva blades and the quartzite) is not so far too.

When I come back to the house I built on this island, I really feel at home.

Anyway, good job with the guide you wrote, I think it's really helpful for beginners and veterans.

Have a nice day !

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On 11/21/2020 at 12:54 AM, TinyMalemort said:However, there is one spot you should try: The Toad Swamp. 
Have a nice day !

Great idea. I’ve never even seen that location on a list. Any ideas on keeping the grass from regrowing through your base once you’ve cleared and built on an area. You’d think that alone would stop regrowth but I get grass blades sticking through my baseball tower all the time, even after I cut them down and clear the stumps.

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I enjoyed building a base upon a Lilypad in the Koi Pond & built connecting bridges to various lily pads throughout the pond. With 0.13 & attack swarms, I wonder how this might turn out. 

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