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Some of the best places to build a base

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The spots you've detailed are really great, and I agree with the fact that these locations are very good.

However, there is one spot you should try: The Toad Swamp. In fact, the toad is located on an island.
There is:
_ food (mushrooms, gnats coming (too?) often, aphids...),
_ grass,
_ a lot of clay (on the island and underwater)
_ no spider (and since they can't swim)
_ clovers (like... a lot)
_ dry gras...

The Hedge and the Bird Bath are not so far. The underground field station (with the larva blades and the quartzite) is not so far too.

When I come back to the house I built on this island, I really feel at home.

Anyway, good job with the guide you wrote, I think it's really helpful for beginners and veterans.

Have a nice day !

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On 11/21/2020 at 12:54 AM, TinyMalemort said:However, there is one spot you should try: The Toad Swamp. 
Have a nice day !

Great idea. I’ve never even seen that location on a list. Any ideas on keeping the grass from regrowing through your base once you’ve cleared and built on an area. You’d think that alone would stop regrowth but I get grass blades sticking through my baseball tower all the time, even after I cut them down and clear the stumps.

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I enjoyed building a base upon a Lilypad in the Koi Pond & built connecting bridges to various lily pads throughout the pond. With 0.13 & attack swarms, I wonder how this might turn out. 

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In one game save, I built big’ol bases in the first red ant hill by the oak tree. You can’t it anymore cuz land rights were taken away, but it was. Just had to squash the red soldier ants when they spawned.


later in gameplay, I took over the wolf spider den under the oak tree. Every few days there would be some unwanted visitors waiting in there… nothing a little spicy dice couldn’t handle ;)

I haven’t checked to see if you can still do that or not. The best move for transportation is to climb up to the mushroom ledges on the oak tree and build a platform to have one zip line for n either side of the tree. Payback can’t get you up there. Had many bases up there too.


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I would love to see new insects added to the game, like the ones you mentioned. Caterpillars could be a great addition, as their venom and stinging hairs could be used to create a new type of weapon, such as a whip. This would be something completely new to the game and would add a new dynamic to the gameplay.

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