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  1. Did you try to unload the planks/stem while looking to the zipline? If I remember correctly, the stems/planks travel through the ziplines by themselves.
  2. ABACUS (Amazing Bases And Creations Universal Saves) is a feature that I would suggest. I know that this feature would probably be the last feature on the road map for Grounded, as it is not necessary for now. ABACUS would be a feature that allows you to save bases, building and creations you have made, by creating and saving a blueprint. 1: Saving a blueprint. Let's say I have made a base near the hedge, and I like to reproduce it next the pond. (example: a house with 7 pieces of wall, 5 pieces of floor, 4 pieces of roof, one door, one lean-to...). If I want to mak
  3. I think it would be cool if the bike's wheel were acorn tops.
  4. Hello That's a very good topic here, and if you don't mind, I'd like to add somes ideas: New ressources: Cricket/grasshopper leg Sand and glass Base building: Columns and archs Glass (for windows) Paved road (2 pebblets + 2 pieces of clay) Utilities: windmill (used to power some devices, like the spinning wheel, would need weed stem and clovers) spider web trap (a large piece of spider web, used to catch gnats, mosquitoes...) boat (weed stem (like...a lot) + clovers) sailboard (acorn shell + weed stem + clovers) ball
  5. Hello The spots you've detailed are really great, and I agree with the fact that these locations are very good. However, there is one spot you should try: The Toad Swamp. In fact, the toad is located on an island. There is: _ food (mushrooms, gnats coming (too?) often, aphids...), _ grass, _ a lot of clay (on the island and underwater) _ no spider (and since they can't swim) _ clovers (like... a lot) _ dry gras... The Hedge and the Bird Bath are not so far. The underground field station (with the larva blades and the quartzite) is not so far too. When I come back to
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