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It is the first part.

It picks up though farther in the story than your first encounter with the Dismal Mal, so that I guess can be confusing to players who haven't followed development.


You can't not go insane. The game was written with the notion that "it's lovecraftian, if you want a sane character play something else".

Schizophrenia isn't the worst that can happen.

Some bad "choices" are unavoidable. But the premise is that your character has spend a year in that situation already so they are pretty desperate and will be willing to take those risks.

Unobtrusively informing you about my new ebook (which you should feel free to read and shower with praise).

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Deponia 2 done.  Almost done this trilogy, second game was a lot better than first. Still have not laughed once during the games so far, as well.

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I have made the commitment and started in on Witcher 3. I finished Witcher 2 a little over a year ago, so I think I'm ready. It's weird how difficult it is for me to start these games, but I'm pretty hooked now. I've owned it for years and had it just sitting, waiting for the right moment. 

So far seems pretty good. I also started the TV show.

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Borderlands 3 decided to do a second "season pass", of which it sounds like there will be two DLC? The first one adds a new skill tree to each vault hunter and a new play mode where you can't use your farmed gear or something (I hear it's tough, but very short).  For $15 stand alone. Pass is $30 which makes me wonder if the 2nd will also be $15, or even $20.  :getlost:  Think I'll skip for now.

...I still haven't played the first 4 DLC, haha. 

...and the only thing I've really been playing is mobile-slots again, while watching TV.  'Cause I'm a "grandma" now or something.

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