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Wolf spider nerf: nerfed too much?

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Current results.  I said no cause i don't really see any changes to them other than what the patch notes said.  They still slaughter me like they always have, no change there so i wouldn't call this a nerf.


Xbox One X

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What nerf? Wolf spiders still destroy me like they always did. If there was a nerf I don't see any nerfs. They still have insane aggro range. One bite is 3/4 of my health in Acorn armor the next bite kills. 


And you still have to down it fast even in lady bug armor. Or your spider food. They can destroy you in 3 to 4 hits maby 5. Having to rely on blocks and stuns.


I'm confused what this nerf was supposed to do. Does that mean the spider uses stealth less often? Not really a nerf.

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OP probably just wants the stealth setting reverted I don't think he was referring to an actual nerf.  Wolf spiders do need a nerf IMO the only way I can even tank a hit is if I use full lady bug armor and even then the poison will lower my hp to just a slither.  This is on Medium as well probably can't even tank a hit on Whoa.

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Yes, I was referring to the removal of the 'stalking' mechanic as the nerf. Wolf Spiders are still deadly as can be... they used to actively stalk you based on grass movement, noise, or some other undisclosed criteria but if you a saw a wolf in your area you used to need to GTFO because he -would be- on your trail shortly.

With them reverting to line of sight aggro like the orb weavers, they are not the panic inducing terrors that kept my head on a swivel they used to be.

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On 8/17/2020 at 7:06 AM, CyberAngel said:

Oh that setting, yeah never changed it so wouldn't know. FYI, that link points to the poll and not the results.

It is not a player adjustable setting, it is an AI behavior that the devs patched out. I miss it as wolf spiders were ACTIVELY looking for you not waiting for line of sight aggro like all the other aggressive bugs.

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