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I think that was done because players (smartly) put a weapon + slow modal (like +2 PEN or Bleeding Cuts) into their main hand and then something fast (dagger or such) into the offhand - then did only Full Attacks. With Bleeding Cuts that's a special kind of cheese since it's damage increase is very high (also because the DoT instances stack) and is only balanced somewhat by the horrendous recovery malus - which was circumvented entirely with the "old" Full Attack implementation. 

I frequently suggested to use Battle Axes that way and was recently surprised that it doesn't work anymore. :)

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Yeah. They are great as a Retaliation weapon though... if you can trigger lost of ripostes/retaliation attacks.


Well, the combo of Rapier with its +20 Accuracy modal plus regular one-handed is still good. Rapier's recovery with the modal is almost the same as a slower one-handed weapon without one. And if you main hand a heavier hitting weapon, frequent rapier crits will trigger Swift Flurry/HB Drumming main hand attacks, which do much better damage then a rapier.

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