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Yes please ?


It is sort of nice to see what makes up a game, what makes people tick etc.


Besides, it would give of something of substance to complain about regularly. ;)

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QUOTE (Iolo @ May 11 2004, 05:58 PM)

Do the prestige classes work as in D20 game system? For instance, you can only take up to level 10 of the prestige class until your combined levels are higher than 20.


Also, what is the maximum combined level allowed? 




Calling them "prestige" classes might be a misnomer - they work differently than prestige classes in the normal d20 system. That's all I can really say now, we might address it in a future designer diary.
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I'm kind of interested in hearing more about this.. uh.. forgot his name (damn), but he is the Lead/Main programmer and I've never heard his name before so it would be neat if he could present himself to us, tell us which games he likes and if he is capable of programming something along the lines of the Crytek engine.. ;)

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