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Always liked Stardusks Mod's, he seems to concentrate on underpowered subclasses and he doesnt go overboard "fixing" them.

https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/345 is the mod, basically;

"15% Action Speed with Melee Weapons, +3 Accuracy with Melee Weapons and 10% chance to convert hits to crits with Melee Weapons.

The new range for companion bonuses is 8 m instead of 4 m and Bonded Grief also takes hold at 12 m or more.

Additionally as a close combat specialist the Stalker suffers a -10 Accuracy Penalty to ranged weapons."


Stalkers seem like the would benifit from high might and int for longer bigger dots, tempted to go Amra Battle axe Aumaua and bear. How would you build around this mod (single class prefered but multi could be interesting too). 

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Tempted to go Stalker/Trickster for superb defense and offense, and synergy with that pet ability that deals extra damage to enemies affected by DoTs - plenty of escape tools and utility, too, like using Concussive Tranquilzer with WotEP or Arkemyr's Dazzling Lights for pulling. Amra would be a good choice since the multi doesn't have an inborn Action Speed boosting active, and combined with Takedown Combo and Toxic Strike (plus Deep Wounds!) should result in some spicy DoT action.

I like Stardusk's work, too: they've put a lot of work and effort into making unique and interesting changes. Some of the changes can be a little overtuned (Priest of Eothas) but it's easy to tweak values.

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Obviously for a "true stalker" one has to pick Stalker/Assassin. Takedown Combo + Accurate Wounding Shot + Assassinate + Sneak Attack + Deathblows: *boom* You got stalked man!

Stalker/Priest of Skaen might also be nice. Having some nice support spells for you and your buddy plus Finishing Blow and Shadowing Beyond.

Of course you need to use Stalker's Patience as main weapon.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Last time I played Stalker I paired it with Monk (Forbidden Fist, mostly just cuz I like it but also to extend DoTs via Enfeebled). Stalkers Patience + one from any number of crit-based weapons. I used Magistrate's Cudgel a lot for even stupider accuracy; Magran's Favour with axe modal would probably be best endgame. Ridiculous accuracy = perma-stun anything with Stunning Surge, Enfeeble, and melt it. Ranger accuracy squeezes all the DPS it can out of Swift Flurry + Heartbeat Drumming.  By putting Stalker's Patience in the off hand you can sometimes recover immediately off a Stunning Surge.

It was a neat single target DPS character but got kinda monotonous tbh. I didn't get him to max level before starting another playthrough.

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