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I have an idea for a Fire Godlike Priest of Magran that uses Condemnation and Punishment spells before shooting stuff. It's intended to a fun character played on Veteran with all of the Community Patch, but I still want it to be reasonably effective so I have a couple of questions about it.

First, I want to play it as a multiclass and am heavily leaning towards Ranger. Is plain, arcane archer, or sharpshooter best for a gun build?

Secondly, the gun setups I'm looking at are 1) Arquebus, 2) Dual Pistols/Blunderbusses, 3) Single Pistol/Blunderbuss, 4) Pistol/Blunderbuss w/ Bashing Shield or Melee weapon. What are some good recommendations for these and backup weapons to use to deal with Pierce resistant/immune enemies?


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Ranger nets you 20% reload speed for all firearms and a bunch of ACC, which is nice. I like Paladin with Blunderbuss. You can pick up 10 ACC with Flames of Devotion to balance out the -10 ACC that all Blunderbusses have. You can also pick PER resistance with a talent, which negates the negative effect of the Blunderbuss Modal. You will be spitting fire all over the battlefield. The Hand Mortars target REF, so if your'e already debuffing REF for your Fire AOE spells, the Blunderbusses will be even more successful. I think the only Paladin order that is compatible with Magran is Bleak Walker, so that may not be how you want to RP this character. 

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FoD also works with the Ring of Focused Flames by the way. +10 ACC is nice.

Another nice effect of Ranger/Priest is Takedown Combo. If you combine it with a good single target dmg spell like Pillars of Faith or Divine Mark it can be pretty devastating. +100% base dmg for a spell with high base dmg is usually a lot more effective than for a simple weapon attack. 

If you want to use it with a weapon attack though you should pick Arquebus (because its highest weapon base dmg is most effective for Takedown Combo).

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